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Unforgettable theatrical movie trailer

Unforgettable posters

Unforgettable” an upcoming romantic movie which is directed by Arshad Yusuf Pathan and a well known producer by Grand Media Corporations featuring with film stars like Iqbal Khan, Alka Verma and Hazel as a major role in the movie.

Unforgettable” the word itself depicts some unforgettable romantic love story is present in the movie, the only thing that mostly attracts the viewers is the romantic dialogs said by Iqbal Khan in the entire movie like “Har Chiz Ki Ek Shurwat Hai Toh Uska Anth Bhi”, each part of the trailer seems like a question or secret behind that, and that’s what it would make the viewers curious about to watch the movie. In the movie Iqbal Khan met with a car accident with which he loses his eyes and in the end he shoots himself with a bullet gun placing near to his head. Entirely the movie is good and especially for the romantic movie lovers.

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