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Chal Bhaag movie trailer

chal bhaag movie

An upcoming movie “Chal Bhaag” is directed by Prakash Balwant Saini and the producers are Alimoh Films and Mohammad Zaheer Mehdi, featuring with Deepak Dobriyal and Keeya Khanna as major characters in the movie, and it’s getting released on 13th June 2014.

Despite by the major character in the movie like Deepak Dobriyal and Keeya Khanna who had given their stunning roles and performances, but still the movie seems to be somewhat sketchy without the special comedy characters like Sanjay Mishra and Mukesh Tiwari who had actually pulled up the movie into a catchier one. Overall the movie is rolled up into criminal roles like Munna Supari, Bunty Chor, Daler Singh- Tadipaar etc and with Tapori languages like a Dialog by Deepak Dobriyal – “Naam le liya na toh Mut Nikal Jaega Ek Hi Bar Me” which may attract more viewers but on the other hand these would drag massive viewers as far as comedy movie is concerned.

Watch theatrical hd trailer of Chal Bhaag :

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