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Un-nerving Lok sabha 2014 election results

2014 lok sabha election result

Election is the running matter of top concern today inside the country. With results today, everybody is eager to see the radical change in politics. The congress party representative for the prime minister seat is Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand Mr. Modi will be representing as BJP party’s PM candidate.

At this hour, BJP is already leading with 301 seats regards to Congress and others. Magical 26 seats in Gujarat are all swept by BJP with none to others. Indian audince uproar is clearly visible with the results and its counting more.

We request you to stay with us for latest election updates.

Based on news in media and by following up with voters all over the country, it is quite safe to say that Mr. Modi is  on a lead towards the path of victory for the Lok Sabha elections 2014. Further assuring the statement that Mr. Modi will be the winner of 2014 elections are the results of the exit polls. The exit polls are the joint surveys conducted by top media houses including NDTV, CNN IBN and India Today. The exit polls results say that BJP party will face almost no threats and challenges in gaining the government forming majority of 272 seats. On the other hand BJP maintains collaboration with BJP led NDA party which has almost 105 seats.

The exit polls and the joint media survey confirm that Mr.Modi will definitely be the country’s next PM. However it will be pretty interesting to see the range of accuracy of survey and election poll results. It is mainly because BJP will require majority of 272 seats to form a government which they have already gained. Thus if it is not able to achieve the majority, the party will require support from the other parties to form a government. So far BJP is far ahead in race of elections. Congress lacks behind as it faces the fury of voters in their 10 over corrupted government rule over country.

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