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Udta Punjab Movie Review

It’s a busy Friday again as we have slew of films releasing this Friday with diverse backgrounds. However, amidst the three, the bigger one is simply the one called Udta Punjab. The film is a crime thriller based on drugs, which happen to be one of the key issues of Punjab state. This led a bit of controversy in the media for people agitating that it is giving a state a bad name but with Bombay High Court intervening, things settled down, which was primarily seen acting with Censor Board was seen demanding too many cuts from the film. The film has a decent star cast including Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt the singer and actor from Punjab called Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles. The film is directed by Abhishek Chaubey, while it is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures in association with Phantom films. Time to dig in deep to get the crux of the movie as under:


The story of the film is based on the drugs abuse found in the state of Punjab. The four characters of the film called Tommy Singh played by Shahid Kapoor, Dr. Preet Sahni played by Kareena Kapoor, Mary Jane played by Alia Bhatt and Sartaj Singh the cop played by Diljit Dosanjh though are different to one another but have one thing in common the drug. Tommy Singh is a popular pop singer who is one of the biggest victims of drugs and is held responsibly by the police for maligning the culture of the state and ruining the youth while the cop and doctor hatches a plan to uncover the drug mafia of the state, while Alia playing May Jane is among the rape victim, which is again due to the cause of drugs. How these four characters are influenced by this menace is interesting to explore in the film.


The script is simple and straight, which talks about the complications due to the spread of the menace called drugs. The director has tried to keep things simple by focusing over the issue of drugs the way it is spread and is the part of the youth community and how some handful of powerful men leave no stone unturned to keep the business of drugs flowing. Thus you may see some variations in the sequences with hits and misses in terms of scenes and characters are evident, which may perplex the audience giving them too many loo breaks. The film may be haphazard in the initial level with first part giving a confusing look but as it progresses it ends up captivating the audience with not very predictable kind of climax at the end.

Now, talking about the performances, this is one of the key areas that drive the movie high at the top. Let’s start with Shahid Kapoor, he has simply gone out of the way to make this work for the film. He is a man with a different look, long hair, too many tattoos and loads of work seen on his dictum and body language. This proves that he is an accomplished actor and leaves no stone unturned to play the character as real as possible and the role of Tommy Singh bears testimony to this. Next comes Alia Bhatt, she is too good in her Bihari accent while playing the rape victim due to drugs and a labor from Bihar. She would be definitely loved for her mature performance in the movie showing her diligence and dexterity at the silver screen. Now, talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan, she has kept the glamour quotient alive in a modest way, giving a decent performance at the end. Lastly talking about Diljit Dosanjh, he has a major role to play sporting a typical Punjabi avatar. Others too have decent roles to play.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and others elements

Direction come par in this movie, Abhishek Chaubey has worked hard to make the star cast understand about the character and ensure they play the way the script demand. One may not find the story interesting as it relate to drugs in the state but the ups and downs in terms of story and emotions make it a worthy watch giving all credit to the director. Next is music, which is interesting unlike the film demands and some of the songs, seemed to be doing better over the chartbuster list. The other elements like photography, editing and screenplay too remain at the top adding up the entertainment value of the film.

Udta Punjab Last Word

The film Udta Punjab is essentially a movie, which revolves around the drug abuse and the issue of the spread of drug in the state. The characters have strong connection with this menace in both the flip and the other side for the same. In terms of script and story one may not get attracted much towards this movie, but talking in terms of performance, Udta Punjab scores high. Thus giving the film a good name in B Town, which means the film can be given a decent rating.

Rating – 3.5


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