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Is Udta Punjab Going to Miss the Release Date ?

udta-punjab-release date in trouble

With barely nine days to go for the release of the film Udta Punjab, the speculations are rife that the movie is likely to miss the release date. Thanks to the fresh demands of the Censor Board which has asked to avoid the usage of word Punjab in the movie along with demanding 89 cuts as the film have so many explicit contents in it in terms of sequences and language. The character of Shahid Kapoor is seen indulging in drugs. The board has also has asked to remove the name of Punjab and use any fictional name in it. So, with the ongoing battle between the Censor Board and the makers of the movie, the big arise, will the movie miss the release date – 17th June 2016.

The experts feel that the decision of CBFC clearly support the government in power, which will come in trouble as it has failed to deliver much on the issue of drug abuse. However, the spokesperson has denied about such allegations being hurled by the makers and others for the film. As per the insider found in the camp of makers, the makers of the film are likely to approach the Tribunal with the orders of CBFC. Vis-à-vis to the whopping 89 cuts as recommended by the Censor Board, the insider further claimed that it can be acceptable to see the cuts of abusive language of consumption of drugs in the movie, but skipping the term Punjab from the movie will be make things impossible for everyone behind the movies.

Interestingly, the same Censor Board has not much to say when the trailer was released with of course their consent. The source further said that the examining committee has first seen the film that claims to have limited number of cuts in the film, however, it was the revisiting committee that makes all the mess by asking the whopping 89 cuts. Many of the board members felt the objection over the line called Punjab Ki Bhoomi Banjar, Punjab Ke Puttar Kanjar, which they feel can give a bad and derogatory notion for the state.

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