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Why Ranbir Kapoor is Furious?

These days we find the lover boy of B Town Ranbir Kapoor being miffed. The reasons are obvious the recent linked storied of his with Kangana Ranaut is making him furious. Last evening a trend over the microblogging site Twitter called #nowranbirkangana seems to be trending a lot. Though the trend at Twitter was short lived, but there is hardly any truth to it. Ranbir Kapoor who has finally wrapped up with the shooting of his upcoming film called Jagga Jasoos in Bombay after returning from Morocco was shell shocked to the spate of tales being reported about him at Twitter and other portals, which came from no-where.

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He had all reasons to be upset about the same wherein people are merely are seen taking advantage to the fact he simply doesn’t owe any clarifications about the same. The fact of the matter is that this story has least to do to the alleged affair of Ranbir and Kangana affair and yet people are making a huge fuss with a mole and that too in a systematic fashion followed by spreading the rumor all across the media is disturbing for the Tamashaa actor. He claimed that he has the idea about who is behind these rumors and if this continues he is going to take some action. It’s been a while when he is recovering from the after math of Katrina affair and now with this tales soaring over the media seems to be disturbing for him making him furious for obvious reasons.

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