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Tv folks talk about the habit or evil part they want to get rid of on Dussera!

PicsArt_1445505458529ARJUN BIJLANI : During my childhood, we used to go to Shivaji Park and watch the mamoth size Ravan effigy being burnt after Ramleela. We used to go to the Devi Ma pandal near Bengal club there and gobble fish chops and cutlets. I dont want to change anything much ni myself.

PERNEET CHAUHAN: I want to get rid of habit of procrastinating things. Better time management is very important in life to progress.Career is very important no matter who you are so I surely want to do good work on TV.

SSHARAD MALHOTRA: I want to give up the habit of being moody. I want to be more expressive about what I think and feel. I remember Ramleela in Kolkata. It used to be great fun seeing Ravan dahan.

MAHIKA SHARMA : Dussehra is replete with symbolism about vanquishing evil and wanton nature, and about having reverence for all aspects of life and even for the things and objects that contribute to our wellbeing. It is my wish and God’s blessings that all of us should celebrate Dussehra with total involvement, joy and love.

GUNJAN UTREJA: I am fond of sweets. And I want to give up on that for sure. My fondest memory of ramleela is a funny incident where Ravana refused to die because his payment wasn’t cleared by the organizers and he kept on saying the same on stage. This was long ago but it is an incident I can never forget.

MRUNAL JAIN: I want to focus more on my personal life and want to make sure that I spend enough amount of time with my family and I want to leave the habit of being hyper at times. I always think of myself as Ram when I watch Ram leela. I want to kill Ravan all the time.

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