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Shandaar Movie Review

Shandaar movie reviews

This week, the filmmaker Vikas Bahl was smart enough to use a holiday of Dusshera to embark with his movie called Shandar. Based on the theme of destination wedding, the film revolves around the young couple played by Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt giving a crackling chemistry in the 143 minutes based movie. Besides, you have a movies, which has shows tidy like a jigsaw that are put together by any attention deficit kid- some bits are seen fitting together, while others fail to do so and the entire thing has a number of patches of colors and brightness but at the end it gives a messy appearance.

Shandar Movie Review Plot

The plot of the film simply revolves around the nuptials found in between a Sindhi groom and Punjabi bride, which is organized in the English castles, which has nobility in the early times and now it has to suffer from the ignominy of offering yet other destination for any Bollywood destination wedding. The matriarch of Arora clan has simply decreed, which her plum granddaughter called Isha played by Sanah Kapoor who will marry one bare chest man called Robin played by Vikas Verma from a Sindhi family. The crux of the matter is, this wedding is a business deal and the bride’s father played by Pankaj Kapoor has no option but to go for this arraignment. His other daughter is Alia played by, you guess it right- Alia Bhatt who is basically an adopted daughter far different from the family unable to blend to both the mother and the grandmom in the family. She then fall in love with the guy who is a wedding planner – Shahid Kapoor, rest is history, better catch it in any theatre.

Script analysis

The film tries to connect in between the indie sensibilities and the compulsions of Bollywood. The filmmaker who is also co-written the film, which is supposed to be sly, wicked, subversive, irreverent stoner kind of comedy, which celebrates along with bringing out the wedding movies perfect. However, the character in the film seems to have got intoxicated over the blend of actual mushrooms and brownies, making it suffer from the infantile and literal minded kind of treatment. The dialogue has simply seen welcoming the quality of casual banter, while the director has simply created improvisational kind of eeling in a number of sequences. The clunky kind of animation sequences sound to fit perfect to any cartoon network shows giving a message that the fairy tales would always remain the same.

Star performances and technical stuff

As far as performances are concerned, there is no doubt to the fact that the actors have left no stone unturned to portray nothing but the best. Shahid Kapoor in the lead role of a wedding planner called Jagjinder is incredible. Perhaps after his wedding, this is his first movie, hence has to be special though not in terms of content and script but yes in terms of performance and action, he was too good. After all Shahid is an accomplished actor, who can play any character with perfection and utter dexterity. Alia Bhatt on the other hand seemed to be the bomb in the film. She was seen experimenting with her looks, character the attires, which is perhaps the first time she has tried. Right from being seen in a pink bikini to trying something usual and bindas girl, she has proven the fact that she has been a true follower of AIB. The others in the film including Pankaj Kapoor and others seemed okay. Similar was the story with music, screenplay, editing and other elements, which helped to shape the entertainment value of the film.

Shandar Movie Review  – The Last Word

Shandar was seen proceeding with a jolt and slapdash fashion, while only a limited kind of sequences were seen hitting the mark. A majority of the comedy in the film appeared like the big private joke, which fails to travel beyond any border of the set. Besides, you can even find some sequences with Karan Johar making it Mehndi With Karan. All in all, you can the movie a clever idea though but were seen being handled clumsily, which doesn’t sounds to be a Shandaar attempt.

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