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Tv celeb gears up for Diwali celebrations.

Tv celeb gears up for Diwali celebrations
Tv celeb gears up for Diwali celebrations

The festival of lights – Diwali is celebrated throughout India and abroad with immense splendor and grandeur. Marked across five days, one gets to witness different colorful and lively varieties of diyas, bursting crackers and fireworks, relishing sumptuous food, offering pujas, and wearing new clothes. Not just about enjoying the numerous festivities, Diwali is all about celebrating the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Indian Television Celebrities gears up for Diwali celebrations.

Helly Shah: Diwali is always fun moment for me. I enjoy the fest cheating my diet and enjoy lots of sweets and snacks. Also I get ready with new outfits for puja and then enjoy my time with friends and family. Diwali brings lots of energy and posetivity all around.

Tejasswi Prakash: Diwali is always family time for me. I do meet my friends and enjoy with them. We all spend time decorating the house and then getting ourselves ready for the puja. We also enjoy good and healthy home made food. Diwali is always special for me.

Kunal Jaisingh: For me Diwali are about spending quality time with my friends and family. We do puja at home and then the time. The festival brings lots of love and blessings from the close ones. I really enjoy the best a lot. Homemade foods owns my special attention on the day.

Gaurav Khanna: I feel Diwali is most important festival because with the taste of sweet people should forget and forgive their enemies and try to build up friendship. The day is a celebration with family and friends with quality of food. I enjoy the decorations outside. We also perform Lakshmi puja at home.

Sara Khan: Diwali for me is really special. The lights outside brings lots of magical vibes inside. I enjoy the festival wearing new clothes and visiting friends place for diwali bash. I enjoy the good food and spiritual environment all around. Its really fun.

Mahika Sharma: Diwali is very special festival. If at home its all about puja and homemade food which can be called as bhog. I really miss it. But now in mumbai diwali celebrations are mostly card party and food time along with friends and too has its own fun.

Pearl V Puri: Diwali is always important festival for me. I spend quality of time celebrating with my family and friends. We enjoy home made food. I think the festival brings lots of happiness all around.

Piyush Sahdev: Diwali celebrations are exciting. From getting ready for Lakshmi puja to Diwali parties. Its fun meeting fans and relatives. Diwali brings lots of fun all around, every places are decorated and every person look so well dressed up. The festival is full of excitement and harmony.

Nausheen Ali Sardar: Lighting diyas and celebrating Diwali and seeing this city lit up in lights is always so beautiful. Diwali is really special always. I am Glad that the fire crackers ban has been implemented as the smog and air pollution causes a lot of health issues for children and especially for the animals who live on the streets. Diwali brings lots of posetive vibes and fun all around.

Yash Sinha: Diwali celebrations has always been special for me. Me, my brothers along with our parents celebrate the festival  offering puja at home. I enjoy the home made sweets and snacks  by Amrapali and my mom. Diwali brings lots of love and happiness all around.

Roop Durgapal: I wish this Diwali brings lots of fun and be a happy and prosperous Diwali. Instead of burning crackers, I wish people burn their vices. I am going to decorate my home with lights, diyas, pot pourri and flowers.

Soni Singh: Diwali is most loved festival all around. For me its family time. We do puja at home. Decorating home and helping mom in making sweets and snack is always fun. I also attend friends diwali bash. I wish this brings lots of happiness all around.

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