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Secret Superstar Movie Review


Aamir Khan in a character of obnoxious music director and Zaira Wasim’s innocence makes the film gripping

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Star Cast – Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arun, Tirth Sharma

Director – Advait Chandan

Genre: Drama

Run Time- 2 hours 30 minutes

Rating – 4/5


Meet Insia Malik played by Zaira Waseem who is a talented 15 year old school girl from the city of Baroda. Her spirit ripped just because her mom’s marriage has been troubled and violent. She likes to sing and love music but her father is deadly against it, yet she dares to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer and at the same time she bravely tries to liberate her mom from her conservative and cold father. So, what happens the next is interesting to catch.


When we see the superstar Aamir Khan backing any movie, you often expect quality. Unlike his previous movies, one again Mr. Perfectionist while playing an obnoxious music director, Shakti Kumaarr, will simply let you down on that count. The man called Advait Chavan who is doing his debut with this film has been known to get schooled under Aamir Khan who has given him a simple heartfelt film. One can even call it to be a bit fairytalish kind of movie for a start. Wait, you can call the director yet lucky to get a film, which showcases the entire gamut of emotions including joy, tears, excitement and ebullience.

If you look at the story, it has nothing new content in it, be it the battling girl child willing to get freedom from his rude and ruthless father and an ailing housewife who is keen on getting her freedom from the loveless shackles of marriage. Such content has been touched in the Indian Cinema too often. However, it is the adventurous narrative, which keeps the audience glued to the film in fact the emotions that are trapped. When the protagonist are seen breaking you free, you can easily find yourself simultaneously wiping out your tears and doing a victory lap.

Now, talking about the performances, Aamir is certainly the scene sealer, his character can be called as a blend of brash American Idol judge and your crass B Town music directors of the eighties who simply appear like any caricature at the beginning. However, you invest in this actor simply due to the nuances he simply brings out. On the other side you have Zaira who is simply a delight to catch. Meher Vij playing the character has portrayed the best with her silence. The others in the film including Kabir and Tirth Sharma have also done a decent job.

Secret Super Star – The Last Word

The film is all about a struggling mother who has a bad marriage and her young daughter’s dreams. If you love the girls then this is the film for you, go for the girls.

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