Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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TV actor Mukesh Rawal passes away


Mukesh Rawal the known TV actor is no more. However, his death has trolled to an ugly turn claims the statement from the police. As per reports, the GRP of Borivali in Mumbai has confirmed the clear cut case of suicide, while his daughters Vipra Rawal and Arya Vaid Barbhaya have refuted this claim made by the police of suicide.

The police revealed the CCTV footage, which clearly indicated that the actor was lying down over the track wherein the fast train was approaching. The motorman hit the brakes just on time yet it went on crushing the man that soon turned dead by that time. The police have also the statement of motorman who confirmed about the same.

However, Vipra the daughter of the TV actor denied the reports and said that his father was a happy man and was leading a decent life so committing a suicide is out of question. The 66-year-old Rawal  body was found over the rail tracks between Borivali and Kandivali railway stations on November 15 and since then the controversy is still going on.

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