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Tunisha Sharma’s Suicide: 5 SHOCKING revelations by Rayya Labib about Sheezan Khan

Tunisha Sharma‘s suicide has shocked the nation, and the entire entertainment industry is mourning the loss of this young gem. She was playing a lead role in SAB TV’s fantasy show Alibaba: Dastaan-e-Kabul, apart from that she has done various shows films, and music videos. The actress was in love with her co-star Sheezan Khan during the show. Tunisha was madly in love with the actor and there was a difference of 8 years between the two.

However, after dating each other for some time, both of them separated due to which Tunisha went into depression. And at present, this is the main reason behind the actress taking this drastic step. Her mother has also leveled allegations against Sheezan Khan that he had given high hopes to her daughter for marriage and left her after using her. After Tunisha’s mother, her best friend Raya Labib revealed some shocking details about Tunisha and Sheezan’s relationship. Raya Labib and Tunisha knew each other for the last 3-3 years and both used to meet often when they met at a beauty parlor in Mumbai. 

Tunisha Sharma
Tunisha Sharma

Sheezan Khan has used several girls:

Tunisha Sharma’s friend Rayya has claimed that Sheezan is dating several girls at the same time and used to maintain a relationship with 6- 10 women to satisfy his physical needs. Rayya told that he used to promise them commitment when he dated them. These women were attracted to his good looks and he used them for sex. 

The women informed Rayya Labib:

 Rayya was given information about the Sheezan by a girl who was dating him. Rayya said that the girl was with him for 4 months when she came to know that he is in a relationship with Tunisha, she left him. Rayya also said that the woman is undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression and does not want to talk about the issue.

Tunisha and Sheezan’s breakup reason:  

Rayya told that Sheezan did the same with Tunisha as he did with other girls, used her for his physical needs, and later left her. When she came to know about the rest of his relationship he confronted him. He said that he has already broken up with her and he is no longer answerable to her. Rayya told that this is why Tunisha took her life.

Tunisha Sharma and Muhammad Sheezan Khan Alibaba Dastaan-E-Qubul
Tunisha Sharma and Muhammad Sheezan Khan Alibaba Dastaan-E-Qubul

Tunisha’s pregnancy: 

Tunisha Sharma’s friend Rayya Labib says that it is quite possible that Tunisha may have been pregnant before and got her aborted by taking pills. She said that he is not 100% sure about it but her friend Tunisha was very worried about something. According to Rayya, Tanisha was madly in love with Sheezan and wanted to marry him.

Tunisha Sharma is in depression : 

Tunisha Sharma
Tunisha Sharma

Rayya Labib says Tunisha was in a lot of depression before committing suicide.

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