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Tunisha Sharma used to borrow money from friends for Sheezan Khan? Here’s what we know!

Ali Baba actor Tunisha Sharma killed herself by hanging on the set of her show on December 4. The entire industry was horribly shocked to learn about the young star’s death. Soon, the actress’ mother filed a complaint against her co-star, blaming him for her death. She levelled several allegations on him, while his sisters and mothers replied back in the same way, making allegations against Tunisha’s mother too. The blame game has now begun. The death case of Tunisha Sharma is getting more complicated every day.

While Sheezan has been in police custody since her death, Tunisha’s mom talked about her voicemail in a media conversation. She has made some more allegations against the actor and demanded that he take a drug test.

Speaking to the media, Vanita Sharma stated, “My life is finished. I only had one child. Sheezan will not be pardoned. I’ve come to seek justice. This conspiracy involves Sheezan Khan and his entire family. Tunisha was my everything. She got attached to his family in the previous 3–4 months. His mother claims that I did not give Tunisha any money. I gave her 3 lakh rupees in the previous three months. This is obvious.”

She further added, “Sheezan used to consume drugs, and he also made my daughter a drug addict. My daughter had never smoked cigarettes before, but as a result of this, she began to do so. Tunisha has informed her friends that Sheezan takes drugs. I want him to take a drug test and provide me with all of his results. Following the breakup, Tunisha was devastated. She used to complain about being fooled. Sheezan’s mother would also abuse her by discussing his romance with Tunisha.”

Vanita Sharma also read Tunisha’s voice message. Tunisha Sharma may be heard saying, “Mama, I can’t tell you how much I love you. I will return home soon to sleep with you. Sheezan’s family claims that I used to push Tunisha to work. She would not have worked for 12 to 14 hours if I had done this. I had told Tunisha’s father that I would never put her through any difficulties. I never scolded my daughter.”

The mother of Tunisha Sharma reported that she had begun to spend a lot of money on Sheezan’s family. When I returned from Ladakh, I advised him to concentrate on her program. Sheezan’s sister and mother used to invite her to their home after her shooting. Tunisha had begun to spend so much money on Sheezan’s family that she had started to beg her friends for loans. Tunisha claimed Mamma needed three BHK for 20 lakhs in rent, so I gave it to her. I bought her a vehicle with a sunroof since she requested one.”

With this, he brought up the point that the set had a hospital, so why was Tunisha Sharma taken to another hospital 50 minutes later?

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