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Tunisha Sharma death case moves to high Court, Sheezan Khan’s bail plea rejected

Tunisha Sharma death case has become an unsolved mystery with added claims made from both sides. The entire industry is wondering what the truth is, and several questions have been raised. The actress hanged herself on the sets of her show on December 24, 2022, after which her mother lodged a complaint against her co-star, holding him responsible for her daughter’s suicide. Her co-star Sheezan Khan has been arrested since then.

The actor who was arrested received 14 days of judicial custody, and his family had already requested bail. Based on the application filed by Vanita Sharma’s lawyer, this case was recessed until January 11, 2023, and the judgement was to be declared today. Shockingly, the Ali Baba actor’s bail request was rejected by the court in today’s hearing.

Here’s what happened in the hearing of the Tunisha Sharma case at the court today!

Today, Tarun Sharma, the family lawyer of the late actress, stated that their opponent’s bail plea had not been approved. The court has declined their request and has also refused to accept all the theories they provided. The bail plea of Sheezan Khan has been rejected on the basis of the “last seen” concept.

Now, the case will move to the High Court. Tarun Sharma also spoke about this topic and revealed, “I have also prepared for the Supreme Court.” “Let us see how to figure out everything.”

Sheezan Khan’s lawyer was confident about his bail

During the previous judgement, Sheezan’s lawyer was sure of getting him bailed. Talking about it, he had said, “We have been cooperating with the cops, but I would still say that Sheezan’s arrest is unlawful and illegal.” In today’s judgement, it was evident that it was Tunisha’s mother, Vanita Sharma, with whom she had a conversation, minutes before her death, and not my client, Sheezan Khan. The opponent’s lawyer couldn’t provide a primary response to our debates. “I am certain about Sheezan’s bail getting approved on January 13.”

What will happen next in the death case of Tunisha Sharma? Stay tuned to know!

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