Super 30 Trailer

It seems that the film Super 30 has caught in yet another controversy. The film has been facing one problem or the other as it showcases the life of a Math genius from Bihar called Anand Kumar played by Hrithik Roshan on the silver screen. In the latest development, the film has got another jot when a group of four IIT students from IIT Guwahati filed a complaint to stall the release of the film.

They had filed a PIL eight months before when the film was announced and was taking shape. The PIL demanded to release the name the 26 students who cracked the JEE and got admission in IIT colleges as per the claims of Anand Kumar. However, Kumar never reached the court and the case has been pending since then. Later the film was announced and the makers got busy in producing the film and now it is on the verge of getting hit the screens. However, as we see nothing happening for the case, the students then filed a complaint against the film.

They now intend to stop the release of the film as the case has been pending since last eight months with Anand Kumar not getting into the courts. The students who filed the PIL include Avinash Baro, Bikash Das, Monjit Doley and Dhaniram Taw with their lawyer claim that they are not aware as to who were the students who came from the Anand Sharma’s class. They say that they have no intention to damage the film but since the case was pending from long they had to take this step. Earlier the director of the film had to lose his chair with the #MeToo movement and now he has got the clean chit.