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Trishala Dutt: I learned making friends when still in trauma

Trishala Dutt
Trishala Dutt experienced so much trauma and pain in her life. She is Sanjay Dutt‘s Daughter. Unfortunately, few of us will get through life unscathed. But it’s not all bad news. Trauma can also be a powerful force for positive chance,” she wrote on Instagram stories, adding, “Post-traumatic growth can be transformative. Post-traumatic growth can be powerful.”

Trishala Dutt wrote –  “For me personally, trauma sent me on a path I would have never found otherwise. Growth begins with healing from trauma and with that, people have the capacity to do far more than just heal. Given the right environment & mindset, again, for me personally, I can change using the trauma, the suffering & struggle that ensues as an opportunity to reflect, & search for meaning in my life to ultimately become a better version of myself.”

Trishala Dutt said that she has learned to make peace with pain. “Instead of running away from it, I’ve learned to make friends with my trauma, loss, and pain. The goal is not to eliminate it because the pain will always be there. The goal is to manage it. And I’m okay with that,” she wrote.

In 2019, Trishala lost her boyfriend. In a heartfelt Instagram post on his death anniversary, she wrote that even losing her mother at a young age could not prepare her to deal with his demise. She talked about how therapy, support groups and friends helped her become emotionally stronger.

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