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Vineet Kumar: What works with audience is cinema

Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar talks about role of Aadhaar and says – “When I heard the script, I found it very interesting. I signed it after Mukkabaaz. The film is not just about an Aadhaar card and there are deeper meanings of the title. I play a potter in the film. The film delves into their understanding of life and that’s something one needs to do.”

Vineet Kumar further adds – “The situation about an Aadhaar card then arises and the characters then figure out the things as per their levels of understanding and education. It is made with the right intention and will make you laugh and cry at the same time. There is nothing shown that should be problematic and it has received much appreciation at MAMI and BUSAN film festivals.”

Talking about Vineet Kumar’s learning from Mukkabaaz, he says – “Before Mukkabaaz, it was a very different struggle for me and I had not attained what I came in this city for. So, I started writing it and it took me 4-5 years to do so. But the film, after release, has certainly managed to give back almost 10 years of my life. After the film, I have more options and I am free to experiment. Yes, I am now learning different things and that experience is like a bank for me.”

Talking about OTT and more, Vineet Kumar says – “I have also grown up on the kinds of films that everyone around me has seen in his/her childhood. So that memory is still alive. Only later in life, I started exploring different kinds of cinema. So, I want to focus on maintaining a balance. My upcoming Tamil film ‘Thiruttu Payale 2’ is a commercial film. As far as OTT is concerned, I want to explore it more if I get good opportunities as you can have more screen time on that medium.”

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