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Triptii Dimri to Star Opposite Kartik Aaryan in Aashiqui 3

Triptii Dimri wasn’t exactly unknown before gracing the screens with the blockbuster “Animal.” She’d already carved a niche in the Indian OTT space, captivating audiences with her nuanced performances. But Animal, alongside the heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, turned into a game-changer. Her portrayal of Zoya catapulted her into the mainstream, not just gaining national recognition but also the coveted title of India’s new “national crush.”

Animal offered Dimri more than just fame. It presented a vibrant tapestry of emotions, a character arc that demanded depth and range. Sharing the screen with Kapoor, a seasoned star with undeniable charm, allowed her to showcase her talent on a grander scale. Their on-screen chemistry crackled, drawing audiences deeper into the world of Animal.

The film’s success didn’t just solidify Dimri’s acting prowess; it redefined her image. Suddenly, the OTT darling was captivating magazine covers, her name whispered across dinner tables, and her smile lighting up billboards. The girl who mesmerized OTT viewers had transformed into a national phenomenon, captivating the hearts of millions.

But Dimri’s rise isn’t merely a product of Animal’s box office boom. It’s a testament to her commitment to her craft, the authenticity she brings to each role, and the innate charisma that shines through the screen. Animal might have been the platform, but it was Dimri’s talent that propelled her to national crush status.

The future’s bright for this rising star. Animal has been merely the opening act, a roaring announcement of her arrival on the biggest stage. With dedicated fans, critical acclaim, and a slew of exciting projects waiting in the wings, Triptii Dimri’s journey has just begun.

Triptii Dimri’s meteoric rise shows no signs of slowing down. Fresh off the roaring success of “Animal,” she’s landed a role fit for a siren in the highly anticipated musical saga, Aashiqui 3. Opposite the effervescent Kartik Aaryan and helmed by the visionary Anurag Basu, this project marks a pivotal moment in her journey, promising to paint the silver screen with a new symphony of talent and charm.

Ziya Khan


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