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Salaar Controversy: Removal of Box Office Posts Sparks Debate Among Prabhas Fans

When titans clash, sparks fly. And when two cinematic mammoths like Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’ Salaar hit the box office on the same day, the heat can turn into a full-fledged fan war. But before we get lost in the noise, let’s take a step back and understand the underlying factors fueling this clash.

It all started with the screen distribution controversy. With both films vying for prime real estate on cinema screens, whispers of unfair allocation and biased treatment ignited the flames of fan discontent. Suddenly, loyalties hardened, dividing audiences into Team Dunki and Team Salaar, each convinced their champion was being shortchanged.

Social media, the echo chamber of our times, amplified these anxieties. Every perceived slight, every perceived advantage, was instantly amplified and weaponized, creating a toxic battleground of barbs and vitriol. Hashtags turned into war cries, memes became ammunition, and fanbases transformed into rival armies.

Before we untangle the truth or fiction of this rumor, let’s rewind to the digital campfire where it all began. Whispers about Prashanth Neel’s enigmatic movie and its shrouded box office numbers first crackled on social media, leaving a trail of intrigue and suspicion.

The embers of social media chatter sparked a full-blown fan war between Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas supporters, ignited by whispers of discrepancies between official box office figures. Accusations flew from both sides, with passionate fans posting negative reports aimed at sabotaging each other’s films.

Adding fuel to the fire, rumors swirling on X (Twitter) alleged that Hombale Films, the producers of Salaar, had mysteriously deleted all box office-related posts from their account. This apparent censorship fueled speculation and further polarized the online battlefield.

The fan war narrative took a sharp turn as Prabhas supporters emerged with a counter-punch. Their claim? Hombale Films, the producers of Salaar, were always silent about box office numbers on their main X (Twitter) profile. Instead, they insisted, updates were exclusively posted on the dedicated “Salaar” profile, rendering talk of deleted posts utterly fictitious. This unexpected twist cast a cloud of doubt over the initial accusations, leaving the online battlefield shrouded in confusion.

Ziya Khan


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