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The Top Five PERFECT Kisses of Aamir Khan

Long back in the early nineteens, when there was no Emran Hashmi in competition, Aamir Khan emerged as the prince of kissing. He kissed almost all his costars including Juhi Chawla, Karishma Kapoor , Pooja Bedi ,Manisha Koirala and others. The audience was not yet comfortable with onscreen kissing and imagine a handsome new comer like Aamir kissing his pretty ladies one after the other. While the other two youngsters, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan , shied away from such controversial scenes, Aamir shot these scenes to perfection. So we know from where Aamir got the habit of doing things to perfection.

In Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak , Aamir was a fresh face acting opposite the gorgeous girl Juhi Chawla who had already become a star by then. In this Superhit love story, Amir kissed Juhi more than once. Of course mouth to mouth kissing wasn’t “ beautiful “ those days so for the beauty’s sake , it was lip to lip kiss. Qayamat se Qayamat Tak wouldn’t have been the same if it was not sealed with those kisses !

Aamir kisses juhi chawla

In Raja Hindustani , an innocent and servile Raja , the driver and his beautiful and sophisticated lady from the city find themselves alone under shade one night. One spontaneous kiss and the audience goes still. This one was long and sensuous and it is still one of the talked about kisses on screen in Bollywood.

amir khan kisses karishma kapoor

In 3 Idiots , it was the younger sister Kareena’s turn to lock lips with the perfectionist Aamir. In the highest grossing film ever in Bollywood, Amir and Kareena left no stone unturned to make a perfect shot. In the beautiful landscape of Leh, Aamir and Kareena seal it with an emphatic kiss.

kareena kapoor kisses kareena kapoor

In Rang De Basanti , Aamir goes western! No he doesn’t go to the west but his lady love Sue Meckenzie meets him in India and soon sparks fly between them. In this patriotic film where such a thing looks superfluous , Aamir does not disappoint his fans. Alice Pattern , the actress , and Aamir add sensuality to this patriotic drama.

Rang De Basanti kiss

In Dhoom 3 , the sultry Katrina is dressed in casuals and it’s a critical point in the film. But wait, its Aamir Khan! Before you leave the theatre, he is sure to kiss his lady. This time it is a sweet lip locking ,a rather affectionate one as the story demanded.

amir kisses katrina

With Rajkumar Hirani’s PK ready to release, we wonder if Aamir will live up to his reputation of being the evergreen kisser. Anushka Sharma will soon be added to the list. And we wait and watch.

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