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Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK)

Personal Info :

Born: January 1, 1975
Age : 39
Birthplace : Deoband
Height: 1.77 m

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Kamaal Rashid Khan(KKR) Biography :

There are few parasites in our film industry who subsist on other’s fame. And there are few others who thrive on controversies. One such personality is Kamal Rashid Khan known as KRK. The thirty nine year old actor had a controversial entry in Bollywood with the film Deshdrohi in the year 2005. The film was based on certain political issues in the state of Maharashtra. The government of Maharashtra banned the film fearing tension in the state. This created ample furor and publicity for the film. Gracy Singh played the leading lady in the film.

Whenever he associated himself with a film, he made sure to showcase many of his talents. He was the producer, script writer and actor of the film Deshdrohi. A career that began with controversies continued on the same path. Even bigger controversies were intentionally created by this wanna be star. KRK made news with his comments and statements and reviews on his twitter account. He was a contestant on Big Boss, the reality show. There he remained his controversial self and indulged in altercations and fights. In fact at times , there were violent acts from his side and as a result, he was shown the door of the big boss house in what came as a premature exit. Later KRK commented absurdly about the show.

Not much time later, KRK posted derogatory remarks about the southern actor Dhanush on his twitter account. The comments sparked up huge anger from different corners. KRK would not be satisfied with just this. When Rajnikant’s Kochaiddaiiyaan released , he once again came out to pass absurd comments about the animated film. This was later followed by his statement that he would leave India if Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. Fearing more defamation, he retweeted the same comment but with the name of Shahrukh Khan under it. Many websites carried this statement as tweeted by Shahrukh without investigation. When it was revealed that KRK had originally tweeted this, what followed was allegations and accusations against KRK.

Many organizations have raised voice against the nuisance called KRK. There have been appeals to even ban this person in India. There are a few cases registered against him for the absurd things he posts on his account.

Following Deshdrohi, Kamal R. Khan acted in few Bhojpuri films. Recently, in Mohit Suri’s film, Ek Villain, he played a small character.

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