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Top 5 Bollywood Stars who Showed Off Their Belly Fat in films

The B Town actors are known to shape their body with fierce diet and other options, however, at times when they are seen lax and careless they tend to lose their shape growing up their bellies. The stubborn belly fat is hard to hide for the very reason that there are loads of cameras following them. In fact, these cameras wait to catch such moments that can give the people the view about their bodies. This certainly include these stubborn belly fats that get reported with the camera. How about checking the top 5 actresses who have been the victim of these belly fats as under:

Alia Bhatt

1) Alia Bhatt – She may appear gorgeous in her slim and trim avatar in her bikini dresses in different movies but she was caught with her belly fat when she went callous with her figure.

Salman 1 1

2) Salman Khan – Though this man has brought up the trends of having six packs abs and has rose high over the fitness regime but as you check him at times he is seen growing some belly making the man really embarrassed.

Sonakshi Sinha

3) Sonakshi Sinha – The Dabangg girl who is often the victim of overweight has been facing this problem too often. She though has shaped her body but at times she is caught with her belly bump which seems so odd to catch. So, what do you think?

Hrithik Roshan

4) Hrithik Roshan –  This man has kept many to envy him with his cute and cutting edge body but with his belly he was seen taking aback.

Ileana Dcruz

5) Ileana Dcruz – She may appear hot and alluring but with her belly she is really tough to handle. Of course regrets to see such pictures flaunting her belly bump

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