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Top 5 Bollywood actors who fought under the influence of Alcohol

Kapil Sharma Salman Khan Sanjay Dutt Alcoholic

Since Kapil Sharma fought on air with his former college Sunil Grover Aka Dr. Mashur Gulati, we get to hear that he was under the influence of alcohol, which led the comedian speak ill about Grover. However, this is not the first time when we heard any B Town actor quarreling or losing temper after being charged with alcohol. In fact, we get to see many actors from Bollywood including the Khans also doing the same. How about checking up the list of such actors who have engrossed in such activities, how about checking the 5 Bollywood actors as under:

1) Shah Rukh Khan: You may not believe this that how a calm and composed Khan is seen in this list, but this happened in 2012 when his IPL team KKR beat MI at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. SRK was busy in his late night celebrations but the actors was annoyed when the MCA officials were seen switching off the flood lights, he was under the bad alcohol influence and was seen abusing the officials. He was then banned at the stadium for three years.

2) Aamir Khan: Don’t get surprised to see the name of Mr. Perfectionist, as the power of bottle can lead to anything like this. When Aamir Khan got drunk in a private party he was seen peeing on the plants along with Salman Khan, which is really disgusting to see.

3) Salman Khan: This man is famous to have indulged in fights and misbehavior after having boozed too much. Remember the infamous fight between him with SRK on Kat’s birthday in 2008, which was under the influence of alcohol. It was also reported that he had a fight with Kabir Khan as well due to his drinking issues.

4) Kapil Sharma: He is the man who brought this debate in the media. Kapil Sharma can be called as a double-faced personality as he was seen calling his friends and co-workers as his friends and brothers but when he fought with Grover, he proved that he can go to any extent when he is under the influence of alcohol. We also heard about him misbehaving and harassing female stars as well including Deepali Sayyad and even made sexual advances towards her.

5) Malaika Arora Khan: The hot and star dancer from the Khan family Malaika Arora Khan who was seen separating from Arbaz was seen misbehaving after getting drunk. At the party thrown by Bollywood’s designer Manish Malhotra on his 50th birthday party, the hot diva was on the rocks however, when B Town style icon Sonam Kapoor tried to take care of the lady she thundered to ‘back off’, leaving the poor little girl red-faced.

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