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Top 5 Best Dialogues from PadMan that went going viral

When Akshay Kumar starrer movie PadMan got its trailer released in the media, it was seen adding some exemplary examples in the media. Many felt proud of Akshay Kumar for addressing a taboo issue in the media. So, when it embarked with its trailer, it carried out a few dialogues, which went viral at that time and even were cherished during the release of the film. We hear the quick attention to issues like menstruation that remained at tha back burner, but with these dialogues which hit the screen remained worth while for the film and for addressing the issue.

America Ke Paas Superman Hai, Batman Hai, Spiderman hai, lekin India ke Paas PadMan hai.

Dialogues from PadMan

You thinking I am mad, but man only becoming Famous

Dialogues from PadMan 3

Big Man Strong Man not making Country Strong, WOman Strong Mother strong sister Strong then Country Strong

Dialogues from PadMan

Hum Aurto ke liye Bimare Se marna Sharm Ke sath Jeene Se Behtar Hai

Dialogues from PadMan

Bloody men half hour man Bleeding like Woman they are Dying

Dialogues from PadMan

Well, with these dialogues and content of the film one can only call Akshay Kumar to be a really brave actor. No other actor could have done such a movie unlike him all one can say is that the actor happens to be an awesome man who goes out of the way to make films that has a social message and and relevant thing to give to the audience. The film that released last week is getting a good response over the box office. Its been its first weekend and the film has collected a decent collection over the box office. And the saga continues to get the collection higher and higher. So, what do you say about these dialogues and what do you feel about them and most important, how did you like them and which is your favorite.

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