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Top 10 Worst bollywood actors by JB

There is no dearth of bad actors when you talk about Bollywood world. You may often find them with bad roles with poor performances in most of the movies. These so called actors from the movie world are seen making fool out of them time and again, which even fail them to understand their own limits. Well, how about checking them in the following top 10 bollywood worst actors as under:

worst actor Abhishek Bachchan1) Abhishek Bachchan: He happens to be the son of a mega star- Amitabh Bachchan but in terms of performance he seems to be lagging behind. He was not short of movies right from Refugee to other top production house movies, however, he simply failed to prove his worth in different movies making them a big flop. Perhaps he still needs good lessons from the mega star to top the list of good actors.





Himesh Rehammiya2) Himesh Rehammiya: Another in this list is of Himesh who comes from a music background but fail to be a good actor. His music career has garnered him several awards, however, in terms of acting he seems to be lagging behind. His initiative for acting is seen as a naïve effort since he couldn’t do well in any of the movies he tried.






worst actor Tusshar Kapoor3) Tusshar Kapoor : He is considered as Mr. nowhere and only seen in acting the movies, which his sister has been producing these days. The fact is, he hardly knows that he cannot act like his father Jitendra and hence his horrendous kind of acting skills could take him at the top to assure him a successful career.

worst actor Emraan Hashmi4) Emraan Hashmi : Another name is of Emran Hashmi who is known as serial kisser in Bollywood. If actors are given awards for kisses then he deserves an Oscar for the same. The funniest thing about this man is that he is really proud of his reputation and certainly not as a serial killer. It simply can make you feel that there are some actors like him who have no goal no drive at all.

worst actors Bobby Deol5) Bobby Deol : He happens to be the son of the legend Dharmendra, but he seems to be far away from his father in terms of acting. He has simply proved out to be a fool with his mediocre roles in movies like Bichoo, Gupt, etc.

worst actor Dino Morea6) Dino Morea : He is among the actor with great looks and great body, however, in terms of acting skills he lags behind. For someone who seemed making a big bang to enter the movie world in Raaz playing opposite to Bipasha, however, his career has been always in the doldrums. He is nowhere seen now, and thus has failed badly making mockery of himself.





worst actor Harman Baweja7) Harman Baweja : He happens to be the son of Harry Baweja who entered in the movie world with his debut Love Story 2050 opposite Priyanka Chopra but the fact is he has been always bad in his acting skills. Owing to his poor acting skills, he is hardly seen anywhere, even his latest movie seems to be narrating the same old story about his acting skills.





worst actor Ashmit Patel 8) Ashmit Patel : Another actor who lives in a delusion that he can act but the fact is he can’t. He was seen acting in a number of movies, but all failed miserably and his acting skills remained the worst in one and all the movies. One of the worst thing to hear about this man was his cheaper kind of take on the MMS Scandal taking place with the actress Riya Sen.





worst actor Uday Chopra 9) Uday Chopra : Another man who seems to be ruining his father’s well established named is of Uday Chopra. Yash Chopra, who happens to be his father, was an ace man and known for his incredible sense for the movies. He is nothing but a funny kind of guy who doesn’t even know to laugh when it comes to movies. His funny scenes in movies (remember Dhoom) don’t really give any reason to the audience to laugh.





worst actor Sohail Khan10) Sohail Khan : He is more known as a brother of Salman Khan who own his own production company but when it comes to acting, he seems to be lagging behind. All his movies wherein he acted are considered as a big flop thanks to his poor acting skills, which keeps him nowhere.

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  1. Do u guys have any sense of acting ? If Emraan is a bad actor then you have no sense of cinema. This is worst list I have seen ever. Go and watch Emraan’s performance in Awarapan ,Shanghai,Gangster,OUATIM etc and then judge. Even Abhishek doesn’t deserve in this list. He has given terrific performance in Guru,Yuva,KANK etc. First learn what I called acting then make such list!

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