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Top 10 Unknown facts about Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan facts

ShahRukh Khan popularly known as the Baadshah of Bollywood is a popular actor in India and abroad. His persona has been always appealing to his fans and people who know him. He is known to carve his own niche in the world of acting with utter professionalism and courage. Being a self made man, today he is among the second richest actor in the world. He was seen in The Anupam Kher Show wherein he unveiled certain unknown and interesting facts about his life. It’s time to spill the beans about the actor’s life in the form of top 10 unknown facts about SRK as under:

1). SRK was oringally named as Abdul Rahman

The original name of SRK is Abdul Rahman, which not many fans would know about him. It was his granny who gave this name to him. However, this name was never registered anywhere hence he eventually turned out to be SRK, which everyone today know him with. This name was given by his father.

2). SRK wanted to join defense services

Remember SRK in Jab Hai Jaan in an army man character, well, that was his original dream before he formally entered the B Town. He always wanted to be in the Indian Army as most of the students of his time period felt especially in the northern parts of India. Though he was even sent out to the Army school but his mother was not interested in this career, this way his aspiration of army shelled off too soon.

3). He was adopted by his granny

In his early days of his life, he was adopted by her granny since she didn’t had any son. After staying for around five years with her, he finally left to his parents place to life his rest of his childhood.

4). The King of Bollywood sleeps in ironed Pajamas

This may sound weird, but our Bollywood star has his own fascination. As per him, he has the habit of wearing ironed pajamas. According to him, he has a humorous reason behind it, since he wants to remain presentable to everyone including the people who come and meet him in his dreams.

5). Too long list of favorite actors

SRK has been the fan of many actors unlike he has millions of fans around the world. His list of actors in B Town are many, right from the ace actors like Balraj Sahni, Amitabh Bachchan, Vishwajeet, Naseeruddin Shah, Dilip Kumar and Anupam Kher. In fact, his mother also a great fan of Dilip ji.

6). Only one female actor in his list

Unlike the long list of actors in the male category of B Town, he has just one actress whom he has been the fan of. This is of Mumtaz whom he calls very much gorgeous and even hot among the list of actresses found in that time frame.

7). He met Gauri when she was 14

In B town SRK and Gauri are among the most stable and loved couples in the industry where marriages make and break too often. When King Khan met her, she was barely 14, while SRK was 18 years of age. Eventually the teen love turned out into a successful marriage with the couple having three wonderful kids.

8). Never wanted to be an actor

Though he is among the seasoned actors in Bollywood, but acting was not even in his wildest of wild dreams. As said above, he was very much keen in army men and defense forces, however, destiny has its own option for him to give.

9). He wanted to make films

Acting was never his dream career option; however, SRK feels that he wanted to make films. However, thanking our stars, you can now see this man turning a good actor.

10). He signed five films in just one day before even staring his B Town career

As starting to work as a Bollywood star as a novice, it was really a hard time for him to come at the top. However, he was lucky enough to get five different movies in the same day and hence signed not 2 or 3 movies but five movies all together to start his Bollywood career.

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