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How big is Bollywood Industry after 100 years?

100 years of bollywood

Bollywood is a popular name, which is being given to Mumbai based film industry. It is among the largest filmmaking city in the world, which is ever find anywhere in the world. The Hollywood comes after it in terms of movies production and space it covers. The movie world in India has the history of 100 plus years now commencing way back in 1913 wherein the first Black and White movie was released on may 3rd the same year called Raja Harischandra. Though the title Bollywood was not that created then as it is being coined in the recent past. As per reports, the Bombay Cinema was somehow named as Bollywood in the lines of the western world film cities particularly the Hollywood. Today, it has expanded in various ways becoming one of the biggest in certain ways particularly in perspective of money generated out of it. Let’s check the changes it encompasses since past 100 years.

  • The Indian Cinema then and now

There are certain myths about one of the biggest film colonies in India. For instance, the kissing scene is still not open mouthed unlike the way you find in the movies of the west, however, these are now being seen in today’s movies. Way back in 1954, a group of ladies filed a petition to the then Prime Minister – Jawaharlal Nehru, which talked about how films have been the element of moral corruption especially in the case of showcasing the precocious sex habits. As per experts, the kiss simply vanished from the pre independence movies, bringing in the false modesty and misguided ideas depicting the Indian culture in simply the opposite way. Soon after a few decades, the Bollywood was seen becoming a quick pop icons in the nation, and this was the time when most of the Indians never matched the movies.

  • The reach of Indian Cinema

As per Karan Johar and even the BBC channel, India has the population of around 1.2 billons. The movies are reaching out to at least 300 million people – especially the middle classes. However, currently the reach of the movie is around 45 million, if you are able to check out, how can you cover this incredible gap, it can become a game changer for all. This simply means that only less than 4% of the Indians are seen catching up the movies on a regular basis, while others simply rely on other options to watch the movie. Additionally, India also lack the number of cinema theatres for people to check with, which is simply less than 13,000 against the 40,000 in the United States. With more than thousand movies being produced on a yearly basis regarding the output of Hollywood, the Bollywood is considered to be among the world most vital cinema production house.

  • The revenue generation

If you compare the revenue generation in Hollywood with Bollywood the former comes up with higher amounts, which is around 51 billion dollars. On the contrary the Indian cinema the amount of figure comes out to be very much lower. But if you start comparing the cost of making Bollywood movies with the Hollywood movies, you still have a contrast in the figure. The Bollywood require 1.5 million dollars to make any movie, while a Hollywood movie cost you around 47.7 million dollars. The marketing cost here in Bombay is very much low as compared to the Hollywood or Los Angeles. You have fans of Bollywood movies based in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and even in the nations at the west including Australia, United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa and other countries. Also, you can find the Bollywood movies turning out popular in countries like Germany, Russia and Japan.

  • The major discrepancies

As per the outsiders, the Bollywood still is seen with a couple of discrepancies in the industry especially when you compare it with the nations at the west. One such discrepancy includes the pay package difference between the male lead characters to the female lead characters in the film.   As per reports, a male lead characters do are paid up to 16 million dollars per movie, which is similar to the pay packages of Hollywood stars, however, the female lead characters are given with around 1.5 million per movie.

  • Wrapping up

The B Town has come a long way, right from the dummy movies to action and colorful movies. The cost of production and revenue generated by the movie has reached to leaps and bounds thanks to the presence of increasing amount of fans present both in India and abroad. The first century journey of Bollywood movie so far is incredible. Long live Bollywood!

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