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Top 10 reasons why you should watch Singham Returns

top 10 reasons to watch Singham Returns

Every movie, which hits the theatre, is known to have it own good and bad elements. Whether you talk about the blockbuster movies like Kick or Dhoom 3 and even a couple from Hollywood like Harry Potter or Titanic, every movie seems to have pitted with these elements. When you have no reason to watch any movie, the others in your circle can give enough reasons to watch any particular. With Singham Returns hitting the theatres on the Independence Day, you have patriotism on the high spirits for the day. The movie deals with crushing evil and establishing justice, which are synonymous to patriotism and love for the country. Hence watching the movie for this big reason alone can suffice, however, you have other ten big reasons to watch this movie, let’s explore them as under:

1). Power Pack stunts and action

Rohit Shetty is known to bring out action in his movies be it the earlier Singham or even Chennai Express, he is often experimented with his movies bring power action movies. On the other side, you have Ajay Devgn who is called the action man of Bollywood. Interestingly both Ajay and Rohit’s father are stunt directors, hence action is the move obvious and inevitable stuff to happen. Fortunately as per Ajay and Rohit, the action and stunts the audience would watch would be very much different and real and not like the previous ones that falls under the category of Todnewala. With Daya of CID entering in the sequel, you can enjoy some interesting door smashing actions in the movie. The scene of Ajay getting away with his jeep’s door while the explosion, which is taking place really has created the buzz among the audience.

2). The Return of Kareena

Kareena has worked with Rohit Shetty in his earlier movies especially in all the three Golmal movies. Though she was not in the Singham but is finally seen in Singham Returns replacing Kajal Aggarwal making a good combo. The audience have always liked this combo, while the onscreen presence with Ajay has been always admired by the audience not only in India but all over the world. Bebo therefore can be called as one of the biggest treat to watch over this big screen especially after tying her knot with Saif Ali Khan. The Kavya’s character in the form of Bebo would interesting to watch.

3). Singham has turned out a big brand now

With the release of the earlier Singham in 2011, Rohit Shetty has proved out to be a big brand over the Box office. It has not only impressed the audience but also the critics in the same way with loads of action, different script and good amount of comedy and romance in it. With this amalgamation, Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn is able to build a powerful brand in the market. Hence by embarking with its Sequel, the brand is likely to enhance and consolidate in the market, giving people another big reason to watch the movie.

4). The Independence Day Release date

The release date of the sequel seems interesting as it falls on the Independence Day. The movie is hitting the theatres when the nation would be celebrating its 68th independence day. If you look at the movie, it showcases the idea of integrity, love for nation, fight against corruption and striving for a better and justice loving society. This is nothing but synonymous to the spirit and crux of Independence day, which is being showcased beautifully in the movie. Thus you get the best reason to watch a movie, which is paying tribute to the police force of the nation and their contribution to see India as corruption free.

5). The Rohit-Ajay Combo

The combo of Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty has been always interesting. They are not only good buddies but have proven their unity to give some of the best movies to B Town. Remember the Golmal series, it has really rocked the Box Office giving relentless comedy and even nice actions, similar was the case in the 2011 Singham, which is returning in the form of Sequel in a much power packed action mode. Both Ajay and Rohit has come a long way knowing and working together with each other.

6). Incredible Chemistry of Ajay and Kareena

Both Ajay and Kareena are known to share some of the best chemistry unlike the way you have seen in their earlier movies. Be it Rohit Shetty films or the other ones, which has embarked time and again with the tough actor. For Kareena, it’s her first movie this year, hence for her fans, it would be a delightful experience to watch the two over the screen.

7). Massive Screen Count

Though you have so many reasons to watch the movie, yet if you look at the number of screen the sequel is releasing it is among the highest tolling to around 3800 screens in India. Hence the occupancy rate is likely to go high on this big day called Independence Day, which is virtually a holiday for everyone and people simply flaunt out with their families to catch movies.

8). Story based movie

Nowadays the pattern of any movie getting bigger on the Box Office has changed. Now the star value though seems to be a vital option but cannot be called as the only option to make the movie a big hit. Now people have started counting more on the story and the right punch found in the movie. The sequel seems to have a good story line, which resemble a lot with the fervour and spirit of Independence Day, thus giving you a big reason to watch it.

9). Solo Release

With no other release on this day, Singham Returns is going to rock on the Box Office. So in other words, it has zero competition, which the earlier movie like Kick has been the most watched so far but with the release of the sequel, the people would prefer to watch something fresh and new, which comes in the form of Singham Return. In nutshell, they have every reason to watch the movie.

10). Overwhelming Pre Release Fuss

The fuss and buzz for Singhum Returns seems to be huge and overwhelming in the media. The kind of buzz it has created in the media be it over the social media platforms, electronic media or print media, the movie seems to have garnered a good rapport and response the audience. The interesting blend found in the movie, which comes in a various ways has really helped to create a good hype for the movie. Every time you take up your Newspaper or open your TV, you are more likely to see something about Singham Returns being discussed and debated out there. In this way, a good hype for the movie is being generated even before its release, which would pull a good number of audience to the theatres to watch this sequel.

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