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Top 10 Reasons That Make The Gabbar is Back Promo Special

After a smart marketing by the filmmakers of Gabbar Is Back, which prompted with a number of dialogue teasers and posters, the filmmaker is back with its trailer. The promos have created a right buzz over the media. The film has become a massy entertainer, which is seen giving a tangible social message against the menace called Corruption. Akshay Kumar has been instrumental in embarking with movies having social messages, which include the fight with terrorism in films like Holiday and Baby. The below are the Top 10 Reasons That Make The Gabbar is Back Promo Special as under:

1). Value in the title

Gabbar is thy name has been iconic for four decades since then. This name has been more popular than the villain names like Shakaal, Mogambo, Dr. Dang, etc. One of the greatest villains ever is Gabbar, which will have the best impact once the movie hits the theatre.

2). Dialogues

The dialogues of the film have been very much touching and appealing. The teasers have come out with one of the best dialogues, which have the capacity of attracting one and all.

3). Akshay in a different look

Akshay Kumar has been experimenting with his looks with a number of ways. Whether it is the serious and intense look of Baby or the bearded look of Akshay Kumar the actor seems to have an added advantage over others in B town.

4). Action

The Massy and overboard action is something, which makes the film different. You can find the stunt Siva delivering the power packed action in the film, which makes Gabbar a bit different than the others in B Town.

5). Strong supporting cast

Suman has been known for his negative character in Rajnikanth’s film called Sivaji. Once again he would be seen in another film – Gabbar. In fact, he has played the negative role in a couple of Akshay Kumar movies as well, which include Khatta Meetha, and films like Gangs of Wasseypur.

6). Background Score

When you have composers like Honey Singh and Chirantan Bhatt, people wait to hear their music, which comes in the form of background score. Similar is the story of Sandeep Chowta, who is also known for delivering high end soundtrack that can elevate the scene of the movie.

7). A creative team

If you have people like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shabina Khan, who together have been biggest grosser till date, Rowdy Rathore. Now, they have simply gone massy all over again with Gabbar surpassing the mission of the same.

8). The contradiction

As you check out the teasers, you can find out paradox, which is simply making a great difference in the promos of Gabbar.

9). The Architects

So far you can find AR Murugadoss having percent record in Bolywood movies like Holiday and Ghajini and render the best strike rate over the south as director.

10). The common man connect

The film is all about taking up the issues of common man, which happens to be corruption. Gabbar is all about dealing with these issues, giving the right connection of a common man.

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