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Top 10 Popular Bollywood Celebrity House and Their Value

Bollywood is known for many things, which include being the machine for making good money at the end of the day. There are many stars and celebrities in Bollywood who are simply known for making huge money, which include Shah Rukh Khan, Big B and several other B Town actors and filmmakers who are exception in earning huge. They have homes like palaces in India wherein they have all the comfort and amenities one can imagine. Now, let’s check some of the popular Bollywood celebrity homes in India along with their values as under:

Shah Rukh Khan House – Mannat – Rs. 200 crores

Shah Rukh Khan house Rs. 200 crores

The home of Shah Rukh Khan popularly known as Mannat has been often making headlines for a number of reasons. One prime reason is its extravagant interiors and lavish decoration inside his home, which has allowed increasing its value to a different level. The value of SRK home goes to around 200 crores.


Amitabh Bachchan House Jalsa – Value – Rs 112 crores


Amitabh Bachchan Jalsa House


Next celebrity is the Big B who has been ruling the industry since past few decades. Right from his angry young man image to versatile actor of Shamitabh, he has come long way. He is known to have his home called Pratiksha along with other cottages in Bombay. The current value of his home in India is 120 crores.

Aamir Khan House Valve – Rs. 16 Crores

Aamir Khan house value


Next in this list comes Mr. Perfectionist, who owns a home in Bandra, wherein the other popular Khans – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman also dwells. His home value in India goes to around 60 crores.

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Saif Ali Khan House Value Rs 150 crore

saif ali khan house value

The Chote Nawab though has a property worth 750 cores, if we calculate all his belongings in Bombay, however, if check his current home value wherein he lives with Kareena, the total cost goes around 20 crores.

Salman Khan House Value Rs 16

Aamir Khan house

Salman Khan is known to rule the hearts of millions apart from being the owner of a wealthy home worth value of 16 crores. Though he has several properties in Mumbai and other places, which crosses to huge amount, but looking at his current residence at Galaxy Apartment, it tolls to the said amount.

Akshay Kumar House Value Rs 80 Crores

akshay kumar house value

The Khiladi of Bollywood is known for doing a number of films. In fact, this year (2013), he has four movies lined that released at various junctures. Though he is not known to own lavish and lucrative homes, yet it estimates to around 16 crores.

Ranbir Kapoor House Value Rs 70 Crores

Ranbir Kapoor house value

Ranbir has his own with his mom and dad, which is based in Pali Hill, which seems to be at the price high tag, which doesn’t count less than 15-20 crores as per the current real estate market.

John Abraham House Value Rs 60 crores

John Abraham House

John is known to have his penthouse, which is considered to be one of the favourites of B Town celebrities. It is designed by his father and brother, which appears to be one of the magnificent piece of art facing the Arabian sea amidst soothing landscape that tolls to millions in the current real estate market.

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