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Salman Khan Still Struggling with 2002 Hit n Run Case: Prosecution Examining Witnesses

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A huge clash between the two, the one with a big name all over the globe i.e. Salman Khan and the other one with such a grooving title i.e. ‘Hit n Run’. Both the names may sound something really playing hurdles with each other but surely not at the cost of injustice to the suffered people. But doo you think that it will end it so easily? If you think it in that way then it’s time to change your statements guys as the clashing doesn’t seems to be easily get fade from the entire Bollywood. Moving along with the sources then as per the rolling case which is catching fire there were four witnesses in 2002 hit n run case namely, Muslim Nimayat Shaikh, Mannu Khan, Mohammed Kalim Iqbal Pathan and Mohammed Abdullah Shaikh, thus Salman’s lawyer Amit Desai focused on the testimonies of these.

As per the sources it is said that, of the four witnesses only three claimed that yes they had seen ‘Salman’ getting down from the driver’s side of the car after it ran over the people sleeping on pavement. Based on the claimed statement in front of the court, the lawyer cross questioned the witnesses like the one which made each n everybody in the court think twice was “If they were (trapped) underneath the car, as alleged by the prosecution, then how could they see the actor getting down from the right side of the vehicle?” – Desai added – As per the sources.

Question2: A person feeling damn pain by an accident will really think off that who’s getting down from the car?

Out of the above questions there were many questions which were raised to the witnessed which in response turned them mum, let’s just wait n watch what else is still hidden in the case. Till then stay tuned with

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