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Top 10 mistakes in Humshakals made by Sajid khan

Humshakals movie mistakes

Though Sajid Khan was able to recover from his last disaster called Himmatwala both emotionally and financially yet the recent released movie Humshakals cannot be called as a flawless one. The movie though claimed to be a much better comedy than the others, but considering the non sense stuff found in the movie really makes it hard to digest. Also, thanks to the number of other flaws, which Sajid Khan has committed, the movie still deserves to be skipped. Well, let’s check the top 10 mistakes in Humshakals, which Sajid Khan has committed in his recent released movie as under:

1). No Beginning no End

As you start watching the movie and end up watching the same, you would realist how grossly Sajid has gone in producing a movie with huge hype and hymn. The movie seems to start with a canine intelligence and end up in the House of Commons in British Parliament. In this way, it offends everyone and everything.  It has not only offended the very fabric of Indian culture but also insulted the most revered place of British too. Hopefully no one rises up from their slumber to sue Sajid Khan for this blunder from India or the UK for this offense.

2). Saif and Comedy two contrast ideas

Saif and Sajid Khan are not made for each other since the two belong from a very contrast camps. When Saif is more suitable for roles like Race and its Sequel, all his previous comedies like Aashiq Awara, Tashan or Nehle Pe Delha were seen falling flat on the ground. So trying Saif in a comedy role is a bad idea and sooner or both or either of them would realise this blunder made by Sajid.

3). Weak Music

Another mistake, which Sajid is seen committing in Humshakals is giving one of the serious stuff to people like Himesh who is more interested to prove his jink in acting than music. Though he was among the popular singers of 2000’s but lately he seemed to have failed miserably in many of his acting and music assignments.

4). Nine Times the Comedy or Nine times the Irritation

It is often difficult to digest Saif doing the comedy for one time, just forget about watching the Chote Nawab doing thrice. The days of double roles (forget about the triple roles) are gone. People simply love to hate such movies with double roles except the exception ones called Dhoom 3, thanks to the ace performance of Aamir Khan.

5). Endless homophobic jokes

Though the story was seen going nowhere, what is more unravelling to the fact that Humshakals carried out a number of Homophoic jokes and several leads that are dressed up in the most pathetic ways, which keeps the audience at the receiving end. The nine times the comedy has turned out to be a big and worst mistake of Sajid Khan.

6). Sajid Khan confesses his own mistake

Sajid Khan is seen showing his previous movie Himmatwala as a weapon of torture to the patients. So, by doing his, he himself has claimed that his work or movies are nothing but a big torture for the audience. So, when his films are torturous stuff why create another is a big question, which comes as a mistake by Sajid Khan in Humshakals.

7). The actors turning a females

In Humshakals you will see all the main leads (Saif, Rietesh and Ram Kapoor) playing female characters. Of all them Ram can be called a big drag, well the sight is too dreadful to watch. But thanks to people like Sajid Khan, you have to bear such horrible scenes in the movie.

8). Too stodgy stuff to digest

Ever heard about the dishes like Cocaine Ke Parathe or Vodka Ke Parathe? Not really? Well our Chef- Sajid Khan seems to have invented the two, which can really turn out to be a big bad stuff to digest.

9). The Caller Tune song has one of the laziest choreography ever

caller tune song

Believe it or not, but Farah Khan didn’t had much time to choreograph the songs of Humshakals for his brother Sajid Khan. Well, if you look at the song Caller Tune, it has one of the worst dance steps, which can even ask you sue the choreographer for torturing the audience.

10). Gorgeous ladies with no purpose in the movie

You can find a number of similarities in Sajid Khan’s movies, which are simple to pin point. The style of movies has so many beautiful heroines, who remain in the movie for unknown reasons, a dance with night suits and lastly slap stick comedy. If such type of taste you have then watching Humshakals can be worthy experience otherwise it is better to skip the same.

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