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Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actress

Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actress

Though Bollywood is known to pay the female lead actors less numerations as compared to the male leads, yet they end up getting a tangible amount at the end of the day. The actresses in the lead roles didn’t earn much when the industry was in the initial days, however, with the passage of time, you can find them earning in crores. The following are the top 10 highest paid Bollywood actress, how about checking them as under:

1). Kareena Kapoor Khan

In this list the star actress who comes at the top is Kareena Kapoor. As per reports, she charges around 9 to 10 crore per movie as her remuneration.

2). Deepika Padukone

Next in the list is Deepika Padukone, who is among the finest young talents in Bollywood. She usually charges 8 to 9 crores for every movie. However, at times she is also seen in a small budget movies whose story she likes the most.

3). Priyanka Chopra

The Mary Kom actress comes at the third position when it comes to the list of Bollywood actresses. As per reports, she makes around 8 to 9 crores for every single movie she does. She has her own style of signing the films.

4). Vidya Balan

She is among the top heroines in Hindi Film Industry and known to do a couple of cool movies. Vidya Balan is considered to be among the top choice for producers for making any female centric movies. She generally charges for around 6 to 7 crores for every single movie.

5). Katrina Kaif

Next in this list is comes is the Bang Bang actress who as per reports is seen charging around 6 to 7 crores for very film. She charges slightly than the top actresses, which helps her to get a couple of movies more than these divas.

6). Anushka Sharma

The previous year has been incredible for Anushka Sharma considering the whopping success of her film PK. This has helped her establish an accomplished actress in Bollywood making her versatile enough to try out her hand as a producer even in the B Town. As per reports, she charges up to 5 crores.

7). Sonakshi Sinha

She may be new in the block, yet she is known to do a number of movies giving some of the hits over the box office. Known for her outspoken nature, the talented actress is known to charge around 5 crores every movie, which makes a whopping at the end of the year.

8). Kangana Ranaut

She is among the best actresses in Bollywood considering her incredible performance in the movie Queen. In fact, she has bagged a couple of awards as well including the best actress award at Filmfare. As per reports, she charges around 4 to 5 crores a film.

9). Alia Bhatt

She is very much new in this list in terms of films yet has proved her worth in Bollywood by giving some successful movies. She is known for her versatile performance apart from being the diva of B Town. She charges around 3 crores per film.

10). Parineeti Chopra

As per reports, Parineeti Chopra is the last in this list to charge around 3 crores very film. She doesn’t have many movies, yet charges such a big amount.

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