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Top 10 compelling reasons to watch Kick

Kick movie

The very much hyped and incredibly buzz making movie Kick is finally hitting the theaters. Being a remake of a Telugu movie with the same title, the movie seems to barge the theaters with the presence of Salman in it today. It has loads of kick factor in it, which can compel you simply to watch the movie. Let’s check the top 10 reasons to watch Kick at the theaters:

1). The power packed presence of Salman Khan

One of the basic reasons to watch Kick is the very power packed presence of Salman Khan. In fact, his on screen presence is more than enough to spark the light for his huge amount of fans and audience present both in India and abroad. Every movie of Salman Khan has the dose of super star, which gives enough reason to catch his films.

2). Kick’s screenplay comes from Chetan Bhagat

The other big reason to watch Kick is that its screenplay has been written by the known author called Chetan Bhagat. He is the same man who has written a number of novels on which a couple of movies have been made including 3 Idiots and 2 States.

3). The dance numbers

Every song in the movie is known to have its own vibe, which simply can render you groove to the music. These include the song Jumme Ki Raat or the other one called Hangover. The movie has a variety of songs including the love song, party song and an incredible song made on hangover.

4). Salman with Jacqueline Fernandez

Another big reason to watch the movie is that Salman would be seen the first time with Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez. While others in the row include the acting powerhouse called Nawazuddin Siddiqui backed by the intense actor Randeep Hooda. You have a long list of cast actors, giving enough reason to watch the movie.

5). The Action Packed Scenes

Nadiawala is known to have loads of action in his movies and Kick is no exception. Looking at the promos and the rumors, the movie encompasses some of the most incredible action scenes found in the movie. This include Salman’s stunt of hanging over the 40th floor of one building based in Warsaw in Poland. Others would have avoided doing such piece of action.

6). A cool entertaining package

When you talk about Salman Khan’s movies, you can really expect some incredible kind of entertaining package. Kick comprises real time actions, romance, comedy, thrill and suspense making it a complete entertainment package. Besides, you can even find things like appealing plot, incredible stunts, scenic locations, sensual Jacqueline with Salman.

7). Dashing Dialogues

Unlike the other movies of Salman, Kick too has some of the best dialogues, which will really going to haunt you for longer time duration. As the trailer is seen going viral, you can discover the dialogue – ‘Mere bare me itna mat sochna, Dil mein ata hu, samajh mein nahin’ going viral. Besides, you have several other dashing dialogues too in the movie, which will make as the movie hits the theatres.

8). Hangover song from Salman own’s voice

This is the first time you will find Salman singing a song in any of his movie. You would certainly love to see him singing both off and on screen. The song Hangover is being sung by this action man with the co singer Sherya Ghosal, which is already a big hit among his fans.

9). One of the best supporting actors

Kick has some of the best actors in supporting role who come in the form of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Randeep Hooda and of course the old disco dancer Mithun Chakraborthy. Siddiqui has made his mark with some of the best movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Lunchbox and Kahani, wherein Hooda too has incredible roles in many movies.

10). Check the debut direction of Sajid Nadiawala

You may find many of Salman’s movie being produced by Sajid Nadiawala, however, this would be the first time when this man is doing his debut direction. He has been good in filmmaking, however, he goes in the direction front is a good question to seek the answer. Well, you can only find the answer after watching the movie.

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