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Expect an English remake of Kahani soon

Kahani remake

Remember Sujoy Ghosh’s movie – Kahani, well yes the same women oriented movie carried out by Vidya Balan brilliantly garnering applauds for her. The same movie would have its remake in English by none other than the YRF Entertainment (the international organ of Indian Production Company called Yash Raj Films). As per the recent news coming from its office, they have made their minds in getting a remake soon called as Deity. Arden Opley would be directing the said movie with Jose Rivera and Richard Regen would be playing the lead roles in the movie.

The remake movie- Deity would be a thriller about an American woman who lands in Kolkata searching out her missing hubby. The moment she is close to finding out the truth she is seen getting at the centre of a lethal conspiracy. Then you find the story getting uncovering into the context of a colorful and the known festival of Kolkata called the Durga Puja. The movie would be financed by YRF Entertainment, which will commence its production next year in Feb with of course the location going to be at Kolkata.

The director seems to be excited about the movie and claims to make it in the most exciting thriller encompassing interesting and complex kind of characters. You can find a new realistic kind of style in the story, which will take the audience deep inside the suburbs of Kolkata. You could encounter some of the most incredible clash between Indian and American culture. Uday Chopra too is confident about this project and finds it important in reaching out to the global audience.

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