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Top 10 Bollywood films that created controversy by its abusing Language

Top 10 Bollywood films that created controversy by its abusing Language

Using Cuss Words in Bollywood films in no more an old phenomenon as it has been seen in the B Town movies too often. Though the actors may not be using these words in their personal lives but were caught abusing and using these words. Let’s check the top 10 Bollywood films, which created controversy for using abusing language as under:

 1). Mohalla Assi

This is the very movie, which has brought this topic under the scanner. The film starring Sunny Deol and Sakthi Tanvar seems to be in problem owing to the cuss words being spoken by the former. The movie has several abuses shown in it and is said to have accused of hurting religious sentiments as you find a sequence in it wherein a person dressed in Shiva swears blatantly.

2). Bandit Queen

The biopic made on the lady dacoit by Shekhar Kapur had a couple of unwatchable scenes of violence, gang rape and loads of abuses as well.

3). Omkara

The film is based on one of the stories of William Shakesphere showcasing a couple actors in the keyrole, but was also known for using certain cuss words in the film.

4). Satya

This is one of the best films of Ram Gopal Varma, which showcased the underworld of Bombay, however, it failed to hide too many cuss words used in the film.

5). Peepli Live

This movie was based on the way media acts in the society and their current role in chasing stories for growing their TRPs. However, the film was pitted with loads of cuss words being used in it.

6). LOC Kargil

This movie is based on war, hence its obvious to have high tempers among the soldiers. Though the film is applauded for being made very realistically, however, it was reported to have a number of cuss words being used by soldiers who were seen throwing the same at each other.

7). Delhi Belly

The film has some of the worst blend of swear words both used in English and Hindi cornering the man (Aamir Khan) who had objections against the AIB Roast.

8). Gands Of Wasseypur

This is an Anurag Kashyap film based in the hinterlands of Jharkhand wherein no one really cares about the clean language. You also can find its sequel as well having loads of gaalis in it.

9). No One Killed Jessica

Rani Mukherji before using Cuss words in Mardaani was seen using such words in the film No One Killed Jessica, which was even beeped during the trailer.

10). Ishqiya

It is a critically acclaimed film of Abhishek Chaubey, which had Vidya Balan in it seen even using certain swear words in it.

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