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Top 10 Bollywood Controversies of 2014

Bollywood Controversies 2014

Bollywood and controversies are synonymous to each other. Sometime the controversies are created sometime it is being pushed by the media to make a news. Regardless of the ways it comes, it grabs headlines and remains in discussion remaining both boon and bane for them. 2014 was no exception as we could find a couple of them, so, how about exploring the top 10 Bollywood controversies of 2014 as under:

1). PK first Poster with Nude Aamir Khan

PK Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is known to go out of the way to act and perform in the characters assigned to him for different movies. Similar was the case with PK wherein he was seen nude with a transistor creating much furore and controversy about the same. Many called this as vulgar and shameful act, while there were groups like by All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front who was seen filing a PIL in SC to ban the movie. All these things simply made the controversy big and volatile.

2). Prostitution scandal of Shweta Basu

Shweta Basu sex racket

It was in September when the entire nation was seen waking up from the shocking news that a National Award winning actress from south has been involved in sex racket, which she kept on denying. There actors like Sakshi Tanwar too who came forward to support her in this crisis. The controversy boiled down only when the investigation found her not guilty.

3). The Cleavage show of Deepika Padukone

Cleavage show of Deepika

The Happy New Year actress was seen catching up the headlines when the web edition of Times of India posted few pictures of Deepika Padukone pointing out her cleXvage. This followed a raging reaction from the leggy lass, adding fuel to the controversy. The counter response from TOI was too tough and blunt, which made the actress tough-tied putting mud over the controversy.

4). Pregnancy news of Diandra Soare

Pregnancy news of Diandra Soare

The moment this supermodel was seen evicting from the popular TV Show called Bigg Boss 8, a rumour that she is pregnant was seen and heard all over the B Town. There were many speculations and assumptions, which surrounded the media about the issue just to gain eyeballs. She remained the talk of the town for a while till things cleared off.

5). The Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia molestation case

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia

During the IPL this year, Ms Preity Zinta filed a case of molestation against her former boy friend Ness Wadie. Soon it trigged a huge controversy exchanging too much of heat in the form of news, which kept on coming time and again in the media. Before the controversy, the lady actor remained away from the limelight for having no movies or any other issue till she finally was discussed and debated in the media, thanks to this case.

6). Salman Khan calling Kat as Katrina Kapoor

Salman Khan calling Kat as Katrina Kapoor

Salman Khan is known to try pranks in front of media, which he tried during his sister’s wedding. During the Sangeet ceremony, the Kick actor was seen addressing Kat as Katrina Kapoor. Soon the video wherein Salman was seen teasing his ex-girlfriend went viral, it simply turned out as one of the controversies of 2014.

7). Love affair of Arjum Rampal and Sussanne Khan

Arjum Rampal and Sussanne Khan

One of the biggest and saddest news in 2014 was the separation of Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne. The ten year long marriage came to an end, which gave the cause of the split as the love affair of Sussane and Arjum Rampal. Soon, we saw everyone talking and debating about their relationship and one publication went ahead talking about their trip abroad, which invited lashing out from the two actors on Twitter.

8). PC’s property being used in a sex racket

sex racket of priyanka chopra house

Priyanka Chopra was seen leashing her property wherein the Charisma Spa and Beauty Centre was running smoothly till the police raid revealed that a sex racket with the nexus of people like the Spa owner and other two people were managing the show. The owner of the Spa went absconding, while three women were rescued from this place bringing in Priyanka Chopra into a controversy.

9). Sonakshi Sinha And Kamal Khan Twitter War

Kamaal R Khan is known as a man of controversies as he has time and again seen quoting controversial statements over Twitter. His statement about the Butt of several Bollywood actresses really unnerved people in the B town when soon we saw the actress Sonakshi Sinha strongly condemning KRK.

10). Hrithik and Kangana affair

The moment the news came out about the honey eyed actress dating the Bang Bang actor, every started talking about the same. The stylish actor also rubbished all such news on Twitter but nothing really worked in his favour as the media kept on talking about their alleged love affair.

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