Tooth Discoloration 101 for Coffee Addicts by Dr. Namrata Jadwani


Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. People worldwide drink 400 billion cups per year! Unfortunately, this hot beverage can play a significant role in the discoloration of your teeth, but it is possible to lessen its impact and enjoy your coffee worry-free. Dr. Namrata Jadwani can give you the advice to keep your smile fresh and white.

Dr. Jadwani is a dental expert with her own Smile Studio in Mumbai. She calls herself The Smylist (or Smile Stylist) because her specialty is creating smiles that people can be happy with. She has pioneered this field in India and has worked on many patients, including several celebrities.

“The idea behind the smile studio was to change the way people perceive dentists and dentistry,” Namrata wrote. “To combine skill with the best technology, innovation with traditional procedures, and to bring  about an optimal level of patient care to eliminate dental phobia.”

Dr. Jadwani performs many whitening treatments every year and has seen many sets of teeth that have been yellowed by coffee. On her Instagram account, she has recommendations for coffee addicts on how to reduce stain damage.

After drinking a cup of coffee,  Namrata recommends drinking a glass of water right after finishing your coffee; it rinses your mouth out and keeps you from developing a film on your teeth.

As per Dr. Jadwani, using a tongue cleaner post your coffee greatly helps with the bad breath.

After drinking coffee, don’t brush your teeth immediately. Rinse out and then brush your teeth. However that’s not always feasible at work. So having a glass of water is your best bet. You can also use a breath spray after (without alcohol) to help with that bad breath.

It’s also a good idea to drink your coffee with a straw, even if it’s hot. When you use this hack, the coffee will not touch your teeth nearly as much. It may look a little funny, but you can explain to your coworkers why you’re doing it, and maybe they’ll start, too!

Her personality on Instagram comes across as engaging and funny. She makes helpful videos regularly covering topics like the sensitivity of teeth, whitening, and dental care before, during, and after pregnancy. Besides these, she posts memes that anyone could enjoy. One reads, “Do people who run marathons realize they don’t really have to?” Another says, “I’ll get over it. I just gotta be dramatic first.” Certainly not the kind of content most people would expect from their dentist.

If coffee has stained your teeth, Dr. Namrata offers whitening treatments that will make them shine again. If you have any doubts, simply take a look at the many before-and-after photos of patients’ teeth, and they are guaranteed to make you want to rush to The Smylist right away.

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