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Too much of breastfeeding can lead Chemicals to Babies

breastfeeding can lead Chemicals to BabiesWe often heard about the positive effects of breastfeeding to the newborn after all it provided greater nutrition for the newborn. However, breastfeeding the babies for long can lead to issues like exposing chemicals to the infants and that too from the industrial ones which are linked to cancer and dysfunction of immune systems claims the new research. As per the study the chemicals like PFA (perfluorinated alkylate substances) can hamper the damage the infants by 20 to 30 percent by each both who all are breastfed claims the report.

Though the ladies are not discouraged to do so, but the only concern they need to remember is to prevent the pollutants to enter into the body of vulnerable infants. The research is carried out by Phillipe Grandjean who is the adjunct professor of environment health based at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health based in Boston in the USA. As per the research, the PFAS can occur in the breast milk, which can occur when serial blood is analysed displaying the buildup in the infants that tend to pile up as they are breast fed. The research study first appeared at the online journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

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