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TMKOC: Disha Vakani Aka Dayaben not returning to the show?

One of SAB TV’s longest-running programs, “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah,” has been delighting viewers for many years. The characters have gained widespread recognition and adoration from the audience. However, many actors have since quit the show, including Disha Vakani and Shailesh Lodha. He posted something on social media that some fans see as a hint that Dayaben won’t be coming back to the show.

Shailesh Lodha, posted a poem in Hindi on his Instagram page. “ये भी सुन लीजिये| औरों के हक़ का जोड़ा सब उसने| किसी के मन से जुड़ कर नहीं देखा| इस बात से ही फितरत पता चलती है उसकी| जिसने भी उसे छोड़ा, मुड़ कर नहीं देखा| #शैलेशकीशhow.

Shailesh Lodha, who portrayed the titular character Taarak Mehta, departed the show in the meantime, although his character has since returned. In the first episode, Sachin Shroff played Taarak Mehta.

Fans are currently anticipating Disha Vakani Dayaben.

For those who don’t know, Disha Vakani took maternity leave three years ago and hasn’t yet made a comeback. After taking a hiatus to care for and raise his first child, she is now the mother of two children. After three years, people are still eager to see her onscreen and spark another laughter riot. Additionally, there were rumours that the producers were looking for a qualified actor to step into Disha Vakani’s shoes, although this has not yet been confirmed.

It’s interesting to note that the sitcom has produced more than 3500 episodes throughout the course of its 14-year run. Disha Vakani, Shailesh Lodha, and Bhavya Gandhi, who played Tapu, are the only remaining cast members. Palak Sisdhwani, who was acting as Sonu, took Nidhi Bhanushali’s position. As Anjali Bhabhi, Neha Mehta was replaced by Sunayana Fozdar, and as Nattu Kaka, Ghanshyam Nayak was replaced by Kiran Bhatt as a result of Nayak’s passing. According to rumours, Raj Anadkat, who took over for Bhavya Gandhi to play Tapu, may leave the programme before Christmas.

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