Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Tips Industries Wants Race 3 Theatrical Rights At Huge 150 Crores

Salman Khan’s Race 3 is no doubt one of the biggest movie of the year which is coming this Eid. With a just one month to go till the film hits the screens, expectation for the third part in this series is at an all-time high. Makers have made one thriller poster this time Bobby Deol with Jacqueline Fernandez. After watching this poster, everyone is curious for the teaser. However, unlike other releases, the makers of Race 3 are yet to release the first trailer of the film as most are left scratching their head for a reason, on why the trailer is yet not released. Ramesh Taurani of TIPS who is producing the film with Salman Khan Films has been trying to see no mood to compromise with distributor for Race 3. Distributors are shying away from acquiring the theatrical rights of the film, especially since the asking amount is a Huge Rs 150 Cr. Initially the theatrical rights were being sold for Rs 130 cr, but the fact that the recent success of Blockbuster movie Baaghi 2 which is also a masala action entertainers the makers of Race 3 stepped up the price to Rs 150 cr.

race 3

This asking price that has driven the distributors back into their shell and that the makers of Race 3 are now planning on releasing the trailer only after a distributor is completing their fulfilment. With an asking price of Rs 150 cr for the theatrical rights, distributors will have to look at earning close to Rs 300 cr at the box office to break even. Though Salman Khan in masala action entertainer in today’s date 300 Cr is an easy task, but distributors are still shying away. Simultaneously, the makers of Race 3 are holding on to the release of the trailer of the film till a distributor is locked, since they would rather sell the film beforehand than release the trailer and negotiate a price after the audience verdict for the trailer is in.

race3.3 1

We are expecting same eye catching type thriller trailer from Tips for Race 3 just like last two trailers of Race and Race 2. With Salman Khan and Bobby Deol together it will be no doubt thriller level will be at all time high. Only thing which is missing in Race 3 is Abbas Mustan duo which should have been a must for this type of movies.


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