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Ti Sadhya Kay Karte movie review

Ti Sadhya Kay Karte
Ti Sadhya Kay Karte


One of the movies releasing in M Town is Ti Sadhya Kay Karte, which is directed by Satish Rajawde while produced by Nikhil Sane, Arvind Jog and Pallavi Rajwade under the banner of Zee Studio. The film has Ankush Chaudhari, Tejashri Pradhan, Abhinay Berde, Aarya Ambekar, Hruditya Rajwade, Nirmohi Agnihotri and Urmila Kanitkar in the lead roles. The film is written by Satish Rajawade, while the music is composed by Nilesh Mohrir, Mandar Apte and Avinash-Vishwajeet. The film falls under the genre of love and drama film, well, it’s time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:

Ti Sadhya Kay Karte Review :

The film uses the voice-over narrations but it is not the first time that any M Town film has treaded this option over the silver screen. Here in this film, the M Town movie has tried to use the voice-over narration from the lead character, but it has failed to make much of the sense and thus has added so much to the movie. The earlier 20 minutes of the movie showcases the childhood of Anurag which is not less than a magic thanks to the way the director has tried to give the heed to the finer details of the movie, which others might have failed in their ventures. You would certainly feel nostalgic while catching up the early 20 minutes provided you belong to the eighties generation. However, the director has faltered in the rest of the time, which goes mismatch with the rest of the movie.

Talking about the performance of the movie, Anurag has voiced and played the smashing role that justifies the unusual title of the movie. The film is about one man in it while it avoids any other perspectives from any other character in the movie. However, the weakest link that is proved in this movie is -Arya Ambekar & Abhinay Berde who all has marked their debut in this film. Right from the overall body language to the dialogue delivery the two are seen struggling a lot, especially the one who is a singer turned actress. But thanks to the director that doesn’t allow them to ruin except just one important scene. Unfortunately such scenes if goes wrong hamper the overall entertainment value of the movie that creates a conflict. The rest of the movie doesn’t really aspire for any dispute of any sort but has successfully managed to please everyone. Yes the patent ‘light-hearted’ feel is ever present in this Rajwade film too. Ankush was good in playing the character called ‘Anurag’. He was really confident and thanks to his beautifully crisp voiceover that adds the flavor to otherwise average scenes, but the voiceover is skillfully avoided in some of the sequences. Tejashri Pradhan was revelation as she managed her smaller role with one of the best performances on the silver screen by a distance.

The other defect in the movie, which backfires is the bleak differences found in between the characters of Anurag & Tanvi. Both of these characters are simply showcased by the three different actors that end up representing three different phases of their lives. Unfortunately they have failed in a big way; however, getting an overall look of these actors too remained too surfacing and similar to the daily soap like flaw, which is ever present in almost all of the films of the director. But the overall content of the film simply make everyone to ignore most of these flaws. These include the technical elements like screenplay, editing and photography, which together have helped the film to rise and end up giving a decent review of the movie.

Ti Sadhya Kay Karte – Last work

One may find this film – Ti Sadhya Kay Karte giving you a refreshing take on the lost love. Unlike a number of B Town movies it simply equates elements like love, romance and friendship but all this come along in a rather complex way. One may not find a big suspense as such but talking about the twist in the movie can be a lesser deal in it. The film has all the elements that can make it a decent grocer, right from the performances to the story and other elements even if you consider a couple flaws but the overall beauty of the movie seems to have sufficed everything with great care giving the movie a good rating.

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