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THROWBACK! Did you know? Akshay Kumar was about to get engaged to Raveena Tandon

Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar has gracefully been serving the industry with his number of hits. Akshay Kumar is always called a perfect married man as he is always up for his family. But did you know that Akshay once dated Raveena Tandon before marrying Twinkle Khanna and was about to get engaged as well?

As reported by Cosmopolitan, Raveena revealed, “It was a voluntary decision. I was engaged to somebody I knew. This is what I wanted, to lead a very normal life. I quit in advance before marriage because we did think that when there will be the last day of my shoot, we will go ahead and get married. Once I re-started my career, he again said that leave it and we will go ahead with the wedding. But, then I told him that once I chose you over my career, but now I will choose my career over you.”

“There was a very elaborate engagement ceremony. With the pandit doing pooja and everything. His family had flown down from Delhi, my family came from Delhi. One of his elders had put a red dupatta on my head, and I think that was mistaken to be a wedding,” Raveena Tandon added.

Well, back in 1998 the couple broke up, Akshay Kumar also claimed that they maintained a cordial relationship even after their break-up. “In fact, I’ve been shooting for a long time with Raveena even after we broke up,” he said.

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