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This what Zareen Khan thinks about Salman Khan backing her career

Zareen Khan entered the industry 12 years back, however after working in several films the actor thinks that she is still replaceable. Hindustan Times quoted her as saying, “Actors are insecure.” She added, “They are indispensable and replaceable. And nobody really cares. I’ve always been very content in my own space. So, I have never been in any race. But I do think I’m quite replaceable, right now. Unless you are an A-lister, people won’t wait for you.”

The actress realises that her flirtatious manner may have been misinterpreted as arrogance as she reflects on her travels. “My dad had left us, (so) it was me who had to take the responsibility, to take care of my family financially. I did not have anybody helping me or guiding me. It was intimidating. I was intimidated and many took it as arrogance. There have been times when I felt lost in the industry. I wanted to do good work but I wasn’t allowed to show my acting talent and what I could bring to the table. There were preconceived notions about me, as I was just a pretty face,” she said.

In 2010, Zareen made her acting debut in Veer, starring Salman Khan. Since then, rumours have circulated that Salman assisted her in her career. “A lot of people still have that assumption,” Khan shares and adds, “I’m thankful to Salman because I would’ve never entered the industry if it was not for me. He gave me an entrance to the industry. But my struggle started after I became a part of the industry because then I knew nothing. Salman is an amazing person but he is also a busy man. I cannot be a monkey on his back and bother him for little things. A lot of people to date think that all the work I do is through him and that’s not true. Salman is a friend and just a phone call away but I’m not pestering him. And that undermines the struggle, the hard work that I’ve done.”

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