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This actress was shooting for 48 hours, now battling between life and death in ICU?

Gehana Vasisth
Actress Gehana Vasisth

The actress, who has made headlines by acting in the web series ‘Gandi Baat’, is admitted in the hospital these days. The actress Gehana Vasisth was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on Thursday evening due to the sudden deterioration of the health.

A news portal named SpotboyE  has claimed in thier news that she fainted on the set due to shooting continuously for 48 hours. She was then taken to a hospital, where doctors have placed her on a ventilator in the ICU. Her condition is said to be critical there.

According to the news of SpotboyE, Defense Hospital doctor Pranab Kabra says that when Gehna was brought to the hospital, she was not recovering from the initial treatment. She was also having trouble breathing. So we put them on ventilators so that the supply of oxygen to her brain remains. According to the doctor, her condition is critical, but she is under our supervision.

According to Dr. Pranav Kabra, ‘According to the initial information we got, Gahna Vasistha was shooting continuously for 48 hours. During this time, she did not take the required diet. She is a diabetic patient. In such a situation, her blood sugar level was also very high and blood pressure was very low. So we recruited her in ICU. We are testing many of them.

The doctor said, ‘We were told that during the shoot, Gehna Vashistha had drunk only a few energy drinks. Also had diabetes medicines. I can’t say anything right now. We are awaiting the report of all their tests. Only then we will be able to say something.

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