This actor opened the secret of Shweta Tiwari, also talked about ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’

Varun Badola

Shweta Tiwari, one of the top actresses of TV, is currently part of the serial Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. She is very fond of reading, and she fulfills this hobby in a short period of time during the shoot. She reads books in her spare time or gives time to her favorite novels and stories on Kindle through modern technology.

Speaking about this, Shweta speaks the dialogue of Katrina Kaif, the actress of the film ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’, saying that there is no friend as loyal as books. She says, “Books are man’s best friend.” They neither complain, nor make any kind of demand. ‘

The show’s other actor Varun Badola refreshes the mood on the set with his vivacity. While Varun collaborates with Anjali and does mischief with everyone, Shweta is often hidden behind books. Varun is Shweta’s oldest friend. Sometimes he even hides Shweta’s Kindle for fun, so that Shweta can also join the conversation with all the actors.

When Varun was asked about some good things about Shweta, he said, ‘Shweta is very good at cooking. Whatever she cooks, her taste is very good. Whenever we shoot kitchen sequences on the show, I request her to cook for all of us.

Explaining the bad habits of her co-star, Varun says, ‘Shweta is so lost in her kindle that she forgets about the world around her. I get very irritated by this habit of her, and whenever I get a chance, I hide their Kindle so that she can spend more time with us. ‘ In the further story of this show, Shweta and Varun will meet on a dating website, in which they do not know each other’s identity.

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