These are the powerhouse of eminent singer Hemang Shah’s inspiration

Role models, inspirations, ideals, motivators, etc. are the most common names of the individuals who energize us to heed our passion. Don’t we all have one? Yes, we do! And so does Hemang Shah. This young singer, whom we admire so much, don’t you want to know from where he gets his motivation?

Hemang Shah has never left his passion for any other thing. He has been into singing since his childhood. With growing days and passing years, his fascination for music kept intensifying.

When we asked him what inspires him, Hemang Shah said, “My first motivators were my family and friends. These people showed their unwavering belief in me and my dreams. Even when I couldn’t have faith in myself, they had!”

Hemang Shah has a very soothing voice and one can easily be bewildered by his soulful songs. But, he had to face many setbacks before he became worthy of the fame that he has today. Talking about his idols from the industry, Hemang takes the names of a few crèmes like AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Ankit Tiwari and Mika Singh.

Hemang Shah says, “The music industry has a few people who have come from different walks of life. I heed their stories and follow their lead because it’s their journey to which I can relate mine. These singers are the gems of the entertainment world, and I have a strong desire to work with them someday.”

Just like Hemang Shah, even these individuals started their journey with less or nothing and now reside in the realm of the most acclaimed singers. A few of Hemang’s songs are High Rated Gabru, The Wakhra Song, Pani Da Rang, Ban Ja Rani, Saadi Gali Aaja and more.

We hope that Hemang Shah pacifies our will with its forthcoming projects.

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