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Theri Tamil Movie Review

Catch Vijay with loads of in the film with making his action very much predictable

In South Indian Film, we have one release called Theri. The film is directed by Atlee who has also contributed for the script of the film. The film happens to be a suspense action thriller, while it is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu under the banner of V Creations. The film has Vijay, Samantha and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, while Radhika Sarathkumar, Mahendran and Baby Nainika in the supporting role. The film is also dubbed into other South Indian language including in Telugu language, which is called as Policeodu. The Telugu rights of the film are bought by Dil Raju, which is gearing for a grand release for the Telugu audience under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations. Now, let’s have the review of the film as under:

When you talk in any Vijay film, you know certainly expect cyclonic action, syrupy romance and humungous heroism. Thus Theri is no exception wherein his modern day Robin Hood adventure is aired. In the first half of the film you have five songs and dances of both lead actor and actress in different and opposite attires adding up the intrigue quotient of the audience.  So, when you do not find dancing or beating the drums, he is seen playing Mr. Noble in Khaki bumping off a robust character and with incredible piece of acting when he is seen catching up the son of a powerful political leader who was trying to molest a young IT professional. So when the minister learns that he is out of his power to secure his son, he pledges to take revenge against this man. Thus you soon find a Sholay Gabbar Singh in the form of the politician who wreaks havoc in the life of a happy family of the cop.

Thus all you have in this film comes in the form of sequences with a couple of flashbacks the opening shots of Tamil work is seen in Kerala wherein you find Vijay identifying the foes who killed his family. Soon you find a bit of novelty in this plot when the integrity of the police methodology is questioned. And on the other side you a police officer played by Vijay Kumar who simply goes virtuous. So the kind of fan craze one can witness in the opening of the film, the filmmaker should review over the type of social message the film is supposed to give.  However, you can find Atlee going very much fair in shaping up the character of the film. He has tried to put Vijay into a strange kind of emotional mold wherein you can find the star actually crying in a big way more than he often does.

Now talking about the performances Vijay has tried to keep his character in the light comic zone unlike seen in Puli or Thuppaki and thus is successfully able to sell off the scene wherein he is seen charming his family and of course his lady love. But at the same time the director is able to nudge him with heavy duty dramatic zone as well making him to give a decent performance. Others in the film too have played their part in an interesting way.  And the other elements like screenplay, editing, music, photography goes decent adding up the entertainment value of the film to some extent.

Last Word

The film may be dull to have similar stories found in earlier B Town movies, but in terms of performance, Vijay has given a smashing performance. People in the south who are crazy fans of Vijay care the least about the reviews or story after all they go there to catch up the action of their hero who is seen both in a serious and comical role with of course giving some of the best actions over the silver screen. Thus the film has some sort of content but what is more interesting is the performance of the film. Thus it doesn’t really reap much of the ratings.

Rating – 3.0

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