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The wonders of eight glasses of Water a day

Our body is made up about 60% water. This quantity of fluid is easily lost during our daily activities. As we breathe, sweat and make movements, we use up this essential fluid. If we do not put back each drop of this crucial fluid, you suffer from various ailments. Dehydration is the cause of umpteen number of ailments from constipation to sleepiness, from depression to thyroid disorders. In fact, when you are simply hungry, you are actually in need of water i.e. you are simply dehydrated. WE often fail to notice the difference the rigt amount of fuild intake makes on our skin. A hydrated look is the looks of happiness and good health. Medicines cannot substitute for the need of water in our bodies where water can help in the prevention of various ailments.

               Most of us know the importance of water in our body , but we have a tendency to neglect the most obvious things and so we overlook this aspect or our life. Here are some tips to help you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Fill a bottle or a vessel with eight glasses of water, which is your daily requirement. Keep it on the dining table or somewhere where it is visible. As you move around and do your work, drink from this bottle and try to finish it. The day you don’t finish this bottle you know that you have taken the required amount.
  2. Whenever you go out, need not be for work , but also for shopping or for a doctor’s appointment, carry a bottle with you and keep a count of the glasses of water you pour in it.
  3. Drink water before every meal. Drinking at least one glass of water before meals not only helps you to cut your calories but also to improve your metabolism rate. For this keep a glass of water on the table as you place the food items on the table. Empty the glass first and then go on to the meal on the plate. You will notice the improvement in your digestion.
  4. Remember drinking water right after meals is not considered healthy. In fact it makes you gain weight. One should drink water only after one hour of meal. For this keep a glass of water on the table right after the meal. But drink it only after one hour. You will be reminded of it when you will see it on the table.
  5. To meet the requirement of fluids, it is also advised to eat citreous fruits. The requirement of water can also be met by food ietmes that have large fluid content. Cucumber, tomatoes and bottle guard have plenty of water content. Watermelon has the most amount of water in it.
  6. While travelling keep few citreous fruits or vegetables with you. Watermelon and cucumber or tomatoes always come handy.
  7. Drinking water early in the morning and right before going to bed is a very healthy habit. No matter how busy you are, follow this habit religiously.

                 One you incorporate the above seven steps in your daily routine, you will notice the difference in your digestion as well as on your skin. Make deliberate efforts to give great importance to water in your daily life.

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