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India Pakistan Movie Review

This week in Kollywood, you have one movie releasing in the form of a Tamil movie called India Pakistan. It is a romantic comedy, which is written and directed by N Anand. The film simply features Vijay Antony and Sushma Raj, who are seen in the lead roles, whereas Pasupathy has an important supporting role. The movie is produced by the known actor called Vijay Antony, who started the production in late 2014 release. Zee Tamizh is the company, which owns the satellite rights of the film. Though the title India Pakistan appears to be political but it’s a romantic drama, which also has thrill in it. Now, how about checking the crux of the film as under:

The Plot

Now, let’s check the story or plot of the film. Well, as we all know how the rivalry between India and Pakistan is so popular and very much fierce is nature. The idea is being borrowed by the filmmaker to make a love story of the two lead roles the actor Vijay and actress Sushma seen in opposite camps who behave with each other unlike the way we see the rivalry between India and Pakistan. The story starts with two families who are poles apart and have rivalry between the two are seen with having their kids who fall in love with each other. This then follows the two camps attacking each other amidst their love blossoming among the couple coming from two different camps. The witty romantic love story will give you enough reason to laugh and have smile over your face.  And what happens in the climax is really interesting to catch.

The Star Performances

The actors in the lead role, both Vijay and Sushma on the other side have played a commendable role in it. The two were able to acts the best in this romantic comedy playing the character with utter dexterity giving enough reason to laugh and keep your glued over your seats giving less amount of loo break. The director has smartly able to borrow the rivalry theme between the two families unlike the way we witness among the two neighboring nations. Thus you can see a good amount of humorous sequences in it along with even certain action and drama, which can really give too much fun to the audience. The actor in supporting role is also good in terms of performance, which was seen doing justice to his character.

The Technical Sides

Right from direction, to screenplay, editing, locations, music, songs, etc, every element of the film seemed going the right path. The director has wittingly able to infuse the elements of humor using his creativity with utter professionalism. Similar were the other elements, which together help the film to get an edge and a lift over the silver screen. The songs of the film are very much peppy, giving too much of fun and along with the romantic stuff, which the movie talks about. Indeed you need to give all credit to Deena Devarajan for composing some really cool songs in the melodious album.

India Pakistan – The Last Word

India Pakistan is a cool romantic film of a couple who comes from two families known for having bitter rivalry. Amidst all their enmity, you can enjoy one of best humor in the film, which makes the film a worth watch. The climax is interesting and so are the other elements, which make it a best entertainer being hit this Friday in South India Cinema.  So, if you are willing to join with your family or friends, bet you will have good time with them watching this film. For direction, good comedy script and nice performance, a rating of 3.5 would suffice.

Rating – 3.5

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